IELTS Listening Tips and Tricks | How I got a band 9

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Hi there! It's Asiya. I've just taken my computer-based IELTS exam in London.

Here is my result. Last year I also took a paper-based exam and I got a band 9

score in my IELTS Listening. So in this video I want to share my tips with you.

I'm going to make similar videos about each section of the IELTS exam and publish

them in the coming weeks. Now let's get started!

let me quickly tell you about the test format and then we dive into tips so

IELTS listening is the same in both academic and general training exams it

lasts for 30 minutes and includes 40 questions which are split into four

sections and questions get harder as you progress through the test you need to

answer 30 questions correctly to get a 7 or 35 questions to get an 8 and I would

say the main difficulty of IELTS listening is the lack of time so I'm

gonna talk about how you can manage your time more effectively during this test

in order to answer more questions if you take a paper-based exam you're gonna get

question sheets and an answer sheet so while you're listening to the recording

you mark your answers on question sheets and then event you're gonna get extra

ten minutes to transfer your answers that's more than enough time if you take

a computer-based exam you answer directly on the screen so you don't need

those ten minutes and they're only gonna give you two

basically that's enough to check your answers you may only need to check those

where you write down type words and check your spelling you may need to

think about how to spell a certain words so that's it two minutes was enough for