E2 IELTS Writing | How to score 8+ in Writing Task 2 with Jay!

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hello everybody my name is J I'm one of

the expert IELTS teachers here at e to

language what we're going to do is not

write an essay instead we're going to

look at some top tips one tip in

particular which I'm afraid to say will

come right at the end of this

presentation but I need to take you

through this presentation so that that

tip at the end really makes sense to you

and so you fully utilize it to your

benefit so what we're going to do

specifically is look at real tips for

how to score an 8 plus in writing task 2

okay let me first tell you my little

experience maybe you've heard this

before maybe you haven't I'm an English

teacher obviously I'm a native English

speaker I had to take the IELTS four

times before I got a decent score in

writing I could get nines in reading