GMAT Quantitative Sample Questions

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hello guys in this video I'll use of

three simple questions of a quantitative

part of GMAT exam so let's go to the

first one and say that it male saved

more than $10 by purchasing a sweater

and a 15% Eastin

what's the is most amount the original

price of this world could be to the

nearest dollar to begin this question I

warn you that the question say anything

about the price of the sweater I don't

know how much cost the sweater so I will

cover example X the sweaters price I

also know that mail received 15% of

these got a soul I know that the Biskind

that Mary received is 15% of X and once

the questions said that mal saved more

than $10 I know that 15% of X must be

greater than 10 so we got the inequality

here and to solve this inequality

I will begin dividing both sides by 5 so