Dead By Daylight: How to Escape the Hook

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hey everyone I'm gonna talk about how to

escape from the hook in dead by daylight

now the main way that the killer is

gonna be able to get you is by

sacrificing you on a hook in the game

once you're on the hook you're gonna see

the ability to attempt to escape this

may be tempting because you know who

doesn't want to get off the hook and

back into the game but you need to know

that your chances of getting off the

hook are very very slim that's why you

see a lot of people just hanging on the

hook and not attempting to escape

because attempts actually lessen your

lifespan each time that you try to

escape on the hook it speeds up the

process in which your sacrifice sure you

have that small small small small small

percentage of getting off the hook but

you're also prone to dying faster on it