How to Attempt English Paper Class 12 Like a Topper? | CBSE Class 12 Board Exam | Vedantu Math

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how to attempt English paper like a

topper with niihama seriously niihama

English well are you jack of all trades

but master of one when in my entire 11

years of career I have taught many

students Joe they actually talkers of

English - ticket huh English / high on a

hare but then I have spoken to them

taken a lot of tips and tricks from them

and of course got them verified from the

English experts

hence this video so let's quickly dive

into the video pukey this is going to be

short and crisp but very useful so let's

roll coming to the very very major

question which students asked which

section shall I begin with isn't it well

the first answer is certainly not

section B let me quickly take you to the

paper first for example this is your