How to Test Your 1 Rep Max | Jim Stoppani, PhD

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hey guys dr. Jim Stefania here and in

this video we're gonna be covering how

to do a 1 rep max test now although this

is specifically for my countdown the

strength challenge this applies to any

time you want to go and test your one

rep max now one of the biggest problems

most people make when max rep testing is

they overshoot by that I don't mean the

weight but I mean they do too many reps

they end up fatiguing themselves and

then you don't get a real true reading

of what their true max is because

they're fatigued so the key is to be

able to warm up increase the way

gradually without fatiguing the muscle

mass now I've already tested my 1 rep

max strength for the countdown the

strength challenge plus I'm recovering

from a knee injury still so I've got

some limitations so today Mike Mac is