How To Use A Lobster Clasp - Jewelry Making Tutorials

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peak and a cake tutorial hi i'm rick

from beets basics thanks for watching

this jewelry tutorial today i'm going to

show you one of the basic techniques

that we use a lot and it's how you can

finish your nylon cord with a clasp and

crimp beads so what do you need first of

all you need some nylon thread and a

clasp this can be a toggle clasp or a

lobster clasp just which one you prefer

and if you're using bigger beads

I will also I would suggest this one

because it looks nicer then you're going

to going to need some double loop rings

and some creep beads and if you want to

be able to make your jewelry longer you

could also use some chain

okay so we're just gonna leave the

thread on the roll

so your beads don't fall off the other

side and I made my pattern on my bead

board I just measured my wrist and then

made a pattern that I lights I'm gonna

make a cute bracelet for our neighbor

with a small heart I think she's really

gonna like that so just put all the

beads on the thread until you're

finished so all the beads are on the

cord I'm just going to check for one

last time if it's the right size my

wrist is 16 centimeters and you just

take about one centimeter for the clasp

so that's just about right so then to

finish off your cord you're going to use

crimp beads and a double loop ring so

take a crimp bead and put it on your

thread put the ring on and then put the

thread back into the crimp bead like

this and then just take your pliers

and make sure that it's properly closed

then I usually take the last bead and

also put it over the cord so you don't

see the end if you cut it off so that's

one side and the other side it's the

same but instead of using a ring you're

gonna use your clasp so put your crimp

bead in your clasp and then put it back

and then bring it back through the last

bead like this and then pull so that

there's no thread left here and on this

side and then again take your pliers and

just close the bead and that's your


so so if you're making jewelry for

yourself you know your size but if

you're making jewelry for somebody else

or to sell you don't always know the

exact size so what you can do it's

really easy just take a piece of chain

and open that up and then you're gonna

put this piece of chain on your double

loop ring close it and then you can put

your clasp anywhere you want to make

your bracelet bit bigger so it's really

easy technique and it's the same for if

you're making necklaces or bracelets

just the same technique and looks really

pretty you can find all the materials in

our webshop WWBT basics comm and there

you can also find tons of inspiration to

make your own bracelets or necklaces

earrings whatever you like and if you

want to see more video tutorial if you

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hopefully see you next time bye bye