How to Create a Text Link

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hello and welcome I'd like to thank you

for being here I'd like to take a few

to show you exactly how to create a text

link a text link is very important if

you want to learn how to make money on

the internet and a lot of people I found

have trouble with the learning how to do

this at first it's not too difficult to

learn but it's just that something that

you need to learn to do by actually

doing it so if you'd like to take some

notes I'm going to show you how to do

that right now first thing you need to

do is start out with an HTML tag a HR e

F equal you type that first and then you

put in quotes in the quotation marks the

actual URL that you want the person to

be directed to when they click on your

link so in this case I'm going to type

in my website address of HTTP colon

forward slash forward slash WWE income

pipeline com and then I close the quote

that's the first part now and you want

to double check to make sure you've got

that address correct because when they

click on the link whatever address you

put in there that's where they're going

to go so you absolutely want to make

sure you have this part correct and we

close off the first part of the tag like

that and then after that we type without

quotation marks the text that we want

the person to see for the link in some

cases you'll put the actual URL if you

want them to see it in other cases

you'll put in a word or words such as

click here and in this case I'm going to

do it so that I want them to see the

words click here as a link and when they

click there they actually get taken to

this URL here so I'm going to put click

here and then I have to close off the

whole thing with a slash a tag like that

so that's how we create the link now I'm

going to take this to my blog and I'm

going to show you exactly how this link

works I'm going to highlight it first of

all and I'm going to hold down the ctrl

key and hit the letter C so I'm typing

ctrl C which will copy the

I just pasted it with control V and

control C would copy it let's do that

again I'm going to highlight it

control C copies it now I'm going to

delete it and I'm going to paste it with

control V and I'm going to actually do

that in my block okay I'm here in my

blog and I'm ready to edit a post now

right now I'm in the visual mode but in

order to put a tag in I need to click on

this tab here that says HTML mode so I'm

going to click there ok now I've moved

the screen area over just a little bit

so that you can see this better and here

in the HTML area of the blog I'm going

to paste what I had just created as a

text link there it is right there now

I'm going to go over and I'm going to

click on the visual and this is actually

what that link looks like to the person

when they look at your blog page at your


they'll see this word click here but

when they click there it will be an

actual link and it will take them to

that URL that I specified I hope that

you found this to be helpful it's

something that you'll use a lot in your

career on the Internet

and if you appreciate if you appreciate

this I would appreciate you visiting my

website at