How To Send A Link In An Email that Is Clickable

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hi if ever you see a piece of

information online somewhere and you

want to share that information it's

really nice to be able to send the link

to that article for example in an email

to someone in a format that's easy for

them to use so essentially as a

clickable link it's very easy to do as

you see here we've got an email that

I've started to so I'm going to show you

now how to make a link in there that's

clickable and it's very very easy so

what I'm going to do is I'm going to

swap across to an article now that I've

found and I'm going to bring my browser

down now all their online browsers web

browsers have this facility

it's the browser bar at the top here and

here we have an article that I want to

share so all we do is just to click

there and then there's different mesons

methods of this but you need to copy

that bit of information to your

clipboard what I do is I do ctrl C so

ctrl C that's now in the clipboard of my

computer so click back to the email and

in the email go to where I want to put

the link so I now do ctrl V to paste it

as you see that web address is now

pasted in there all I do now is to make

it clickable sometimes it makes it

automatically clickable but you'll know

what it is because you highlight it

click this symbol here it'll be that

symbol in your email account or

something very similar click on it and

it automatically makes it into a

clickable link and that's it so now all

I need to do is finish off the article

regards Roland and then put in the

subject and who to send it to and when

that person that opens up that email

they can click on that link and it will

take you straight to us