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what's happening you guys Big Z here

from the pinnacle and welcome to another

tutorial well a pinnacle tutorial by Big

Z in this tutorial I'm going to show you

how to add add a hyperlink to a text or

not look okay so the here's my outlook

have it open and I'm going to add add a

hyperlink on this text here right

see this one you see yeah that's what

I'm gonna do and I'm basically emailing

myself here right so I'm going to add a

link here what link what kind of length

are we talking about any kind of link

okay any hyperlink so I'm going to use

my channel here here's my channel in

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please please click the subscribe button

here okay so this is my most recent

video how to save your screenshot as a

JPEG on the Mac so I'm going to right

click here and I'm going to copy the

link address see to see the link address

here it's right here

so copy it and switch to output okay

alright so here's the text right where

are we gonna add the link to so you can

either press command K to open this

insert link tab here or you can directly

actually go down below here and you see

like two paper clips put together that

thing in here that menu right so click

on it and there you go that tab is open

insert links or just command V on Mac or

ctrl C on Windows and here you here we

go the web address has been added here

and you can just click OK

and here is the text being linked to the

video so you wanna click on it you wanna

check if it's working or not on a Mac

press command and click click on this

link right it what's going on you guys

been here for the pinnacle and in this

tutorial this enough that's enough right

so it's working and now on a Windows

machine just press ctrl and click on

this link right so just like that easy

peasy right so you wanna make it bold

select this text here and then command P

on a Mac a control be on on Windows

right and command I for italic text you

can take them up no problem right so in

case you don't you don't want the

hyperlink to be here you want to remove

typo link just click on this button here

remove hyperlink is right next to insert

hyperlink on now when I look down below

at the menu here okay so click on it the

hyperlink it's been removed so yeah it's

simple as that so I hope this video

makes sense to you guys any question

comment let me know and do not forget to

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ideas on what to post next alright thank

you very much for watching my videos do

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big Z out