How to Insert a Hyperlink in a Word Document

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hi this is deborah sable Thornborough

and i'm going to demonstrate how to

insert a hyperlink into a Word document

in the document you see on my screen I

have some text and I have a graphic

let's say that I want to be able to

click on the graphic or on some words or

a single word and have it navigate

online to a what particular website

first I'll show you how to do a

hyperlink how to insert one to some

words so what I'm going to do first is

highlight the word or words that I want

to become a hyperlink I want these two

words to become a hyperlink agriculture

insurance so I highlight them to select

them then I go to the insert menu up

here at the top the insert tab and on

the center of that ribbon there is a

button called links click links and then

you have three different choices a

website link a bookmark link or a cross

reference link I'm going to show you

right the regular hyperlink which is a

link directly to the internet so what I

do is click on that choice and the

insert hyperlink window opens up now the

first thing that you want to do is look

on the upper left area of this window

and make sure that this choice is

highlighted in blue existing file or

webpage then what you would do is click

down here into the address bar and you

could paste the address in if you copied

it directly from the website itself or

you could type it I'm going to cancel

this go back to the website that I chose

as the link

so here is the website it has to do with

an explanation of what agricultural

insurance is and so what I would do then

is click and drag to select the URL or

address here at the top and copy that

and you can do copy by right-clicking on

it and then click copy or you can also

click control or not click but press the

ctrl C buttons together on your keyboard

then I would go back to my word document

make sure the right words are still

highlighted click links click the

hyperlink and make sure it says existing

file or webpage over here and then down

here at the bottom paste in that URL

then click OK notice that the words now

look like a link they're blue and

they're underlined if I hover my mouse

over that it tells me the URL address

and what to do to get there I can just

click control press control on my

keyboard and when I press down on the

control button my mouse turns into a

pointing hand and then I can click my

mouse and it will take me directly to

that webpage so back on the I'm going to

close the webpage go back to my word

document and now I'm going to show you

how to do the same thing only instead of

using a word or group of words use a

picture and turn that into the hyperlink

well I still have the hyperlink address

copied in my clipboard so I don't have

to do it again so I'm going to go ahead

and click on the graphic on the picture

to select it

on the insert tab I go again

to links click the hyperlink choice make

sure it says webpage is extinct file or

webpage go down here to the address bar

and paste in that URL it's the same one

so now I just click OK so it's basically

do this you're doing the same thing you

as you did with the words text only

you're applying it to the picture so now

if I click away from the picture and

hover over it the same thing will happen

it will show me the URL that is attached

to this link and how to follow the link

press ctrl on your keyboard and hold

that key down ctrl key and then left

click and it should take you right to

that web page now the reason why we do

this in documents like this is because

more and more documents are being sent

digitally to people so they open them on

their computer screens and that way they

have live links they can click - just

from their screen