Can You Put Hyperlinks in Text Messages?

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I’m Derek Johnson with, and I’m answering the question, “Can you put

hyperlinks in text messages?”

So, this is a great question because, as phones get smarter and smarter, you’re able to

go and send consumers from a text message to a video, to a mobile form, to a website,

maybe, in the future, VR.

Like, there’s so many cool things that are happening on the mobile phone.

And to get a consumer from a text message to a lot of those experiences, you can put

a hyperlink in your text messages.

There are a few things, though, I get a lot of questions about.

One is, can you actually hyperlink, which is usually putting a word, and then you’ll

see, like on the Web, you know, a word says something, and it’s blue and it has a little

line under it, and you can click it, can you do that in a text message?

No, unfortunately, you can’t.

You have to actually put the entire link in the text message to be clicked.

The second question I usually get around this topic is, “I get 160 characters in a text

message, or 500 characters in an MMS message, in those messages, does the link, let’s

say, does that take up characters in the text message of my 160 or 500 characters?”

Yes, it does.

That’s why, people, it’d be really cool if you could put just a, you know, a word,

and then link, you know, and then put a big hyperlink behind it, but unfortunately, you


That’s why a lot of people will use a link shortener, like Bitly, to shorten links, so

that is a shortened version of the long URL.

So, hopefully, that answers the question for you, “Can you put hyperlinks in text messages?”