how to hyperlink a picture

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hi in today's video I'm going to show

you how to hyperlink a picture so that

you can post it anywhere on the web you

know whether it's your blog your website

whatever you want now I've seen other

ways to do this but this is the simplest

way you know there's other ways you can

use HTML but if you're not familiar with

it then it's very difficult but this way

is very easy anyone can do what you want

to do is you want to open up two tabs

and your first tab you want to type in

MySpace Jen's calm I'll put the link for

you in the description below and on the

second tab you want to go to photo

bucket if you don't have an account

it'll take you two minutes to make a

free one so I suggest you do that now

once you've done that you want to upload

a photo on to photo bucket so let's

upload this one here now this is a photo

that you want to be hyperlinked you'll


now once you photos uploaded what you'll

do is you'll just click on your photo

and you'll come to this page here and

what you want to do is you wanna you

want to copy this link here the direct

link and so all you have to do really is

just right-click it and it will say copy


now once you've copied that link you'll

go back to myspace jens and what you

want to do is you want to click on

generators once you've done that you'll

scroll down to link generator just click


so now what you want to do is you want

to scroll down

our first thing to do is to change the

text link to image link

and so the linky copied from Photobucket

you want to paste that link here to the

image URL just go ahead and place the

link you just copy and there's a little

preview and so this link here link URL

is where you want the image to lead to

which website when someone clicks on

your way you want the website to go to

so let's let's choose just for this

example let's just choose Facebook

and so what you want to do is run this

piece that now what this says here is

when someone clicks on it do you want it

to open on the same window on a new

window I suggest you say new window so

you don't disturb the person

and that's it now you just submit it

and so what you want to do is this is

your new link so wherever you post this

link your image will come and that image

will be linked onto Facebook because we

chose Facebook right so what you want to

do is just want to copy that

as a preview of image

and it should be -

if you click on it it will take you to


and if you want me to show you in a new

tab then I can do that

and so basically wherever you wanna you

want the linked picture to be you'll

just paste that that code that you just

copy so if you want to post it on

Facebook you want to post it whatever

you want to post it just paste that put

put the help thank you