How To Setup a Daybed The RIGHT WAY

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since I'm making a bunch of videos might

as well make videos about anything here

um this video is about how to set up a

daybed the right way see a lot of people

look at this so we got to set up these

guys let's go on the sides and then this

guy goes in the back the backboard there

but don't do it from the ground even if

you use two people it's still not a good

idea because one person's gonna have to

be holding it up the whole time and

they're gonna get tired and irritated at

you especially you're taking a long time

to bolt some stuff on so let me show you

the right way to do this so here we are

you get four chairs and you lift it up

as is so right here now you can bring

your your pieces here it's gonna be a

lot easier now for you to mount him on

there all you got to do is lift it up a

little bit

I can even do it by myself lift it up a

little bit lift it up a little bit and

mount the bolt there and then you lift

it up on the other side mount the bolt

there once you got the two sides then

you do the backboard now for the

backboard I don't know if you could do

that by yourself though cuz that suckers

heavy I've done it by myself before but

it's kind of weird but that's how you do

it lift it up like that guys with four

chairs lift the frame up with four

chairs and then go ahead and bolt these

guys on and then last you do the

backboard let me know if that guy that

helps you guys let me know if that uh

put some stress out of your touch your

life by making it easier I don't know if

this video is even going to be helpful

to some people but if you're gonna be

building a daybed that is a correct way

to do it and how did I find out because

I sell these for a living I have another

daybed over here which I will be selling

pretty sorry for the low lighting guys

I'm inside the garage and it's dark but

yeah I refurb and resell furniture for a

living and or how to sign them our day

beds so the way we build them is we put

them up like that use for chairs and

you just lift it up a little bit with

you and bam you put that sucker on I

actually gotta put this one together and

and stain it but that is how you do it

guys I'll see you soon in the next video

which is gonna be about staining these

bad boys I'll see you later