How to tie a line easily to any kite - with a pigtail

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how to tie a line easily to any kite

using a pigtail Wow okay this is how a

lot of people fix lines to kites with

fishing swivels I wouldn't recommend it

I've seen too many of these bend or

break and I wouldn't risk my kite with

one of them may be okay for very small

kites but nothing bigger this is the

sort of thing you often have to attach

to an eyelet on the keel of a kite

especially a delta this one has three

because it's got different ones for

different wind speeds how do you fix a

line to that well you can just poke your

line through the eyelet and tie some

sort of knot this is what might happen

oh there goes my kite or you tie it and

it gets stuck use a pigtail use a

pigtail and you cannot go wrong what's a

pigtail it's a simple length of line

must be at least as strong as your kite

line doubled over with a simple overhand

knot in the free end and that gives you

something to tie your line to as I'll

show you later and that's it so with an

eyelet for example you put the looped

end through the eyelet put the knotted

end of the pigtail through the loop and

pull it tight and you then have

something to tie off your kite to that

is far better than doing it through the


how do you do that well it's easy but

first if you want to move that pigtail

you can take it out very simply move it

to one of the other eyelets tying the

line on is equally simple you should

have a loop in the end of your line if

you haven't got one tie one double it

over with your finger and thumb to make

a larks head knot double loop put the

knotted end of the pigtail through there

and pull the knot the larks head knot


now you're all set to fly because that

will not come off all the time the kites

in the air it's putting tension on that

and it will never come off if you've got

a simple loop in the end of your kite

rather than an eyelet just the same


put your pigtail through the loop don't

try tying your line into the loop tie

your line to the pigtail sometimes you

don't have either an eyelet or a loop

you might have a ring and again you

could tie your line through there if you

want but again I wouldn't recommend it

so what do you do well of course you can

if you wish but a pigtail through there

very easily done and tie your line to

that but when you think about it you

don't really need a pigtail on that

because the ring itself is a little bit

like a pigtail if you loop over your

kite line make that larks head knot put

the ring through and pull it tight again

it's as secure as it can be if there's

no ring just a knot in the end of your

bridle then again you don't need a

pigtail loop over your kite line this is

not a kite line put the knotted end of

the bridle through there and that's what

I do with all my big kites even the mega

fish and you're ready to fly so off you

go have fun and you don't need to worry

about your kite coming loose