Wearing Your Lightsaber: D-Ring vs Covertec Wheel Comparison

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let's compare the d-ring to the cover

check wheel and these are the two

primary methods you would use to wear

your lightsaber so if you want to wear

it on your belt you probably would do

one of these there are a few

alternatives like getting a holster but

I'm going to talk about these two

primary ways the d-ring and the cover

tech wheel in this video and the Sabres

that I have here are all Corbin Sabres

by the way and a little backstory so the

d-ring this is what was used for the

filming of the original trilogy so this

is how the different people would wear

the lightsaber they'd have the d-ring

and they'd have some kind of belt clip

like this one and let me just get it bit

way and they just would hang it on their

belt so you slip the d-ring in this side

and you clip it to your belt on this

side that's the d-ring and then the

cover tech wheel was used for the

prequel trilogy and how it works is you

have cover tech wheel here you have this

cover tech clip where you hold in the

sides like this and then the wheel goes

here and you attach it to your belt and

with the cover tech wheel it's kind of

nice because your range of motion when

you're wearing the hilt it's only soaps

it's only side-to-side verses with the

d-ring and belt clip you have it could

just you know really jostle around a lot

more so you have that wider range of

motion with the d-ring

one of the other differences I guess I

could detach these things one of the

other differences is the kind of

placement so for the cover tech wheel

you're going to have to choose somewhere

on your hilt to put the wheel and it

will be on the side of the hilt

so this is a pretty common spot kind of

on the end toward the pommel but if you

are going to be using the saber to duel

it might kind of get in your way or you

know it's a little kind of a lumpy spot

if you're going to duel with it so

that's kind of one of the disadvantages

of the cover tech wheel although of

course you can also unscrew it but you

know that's not as exciting it's just

kind of spontaneously taking the

lightsaber off your belt and you know oh

I'm ready for battle

so you have that option with the d-ring

there's a few different placements so on

this hilt it's kind of on the side on

the pommel

but you'll often see d-rings on the very

bottom of the pommel kind of like with

this other saber here and so that folds

up pretty nice and that's not going to

impede how you hold the saber at all

when it's placed there and that's

another benefit to of the d-ring is you

can kind of decide to add that

afterwards and you won't necessarily

need to like drill a hole or something

because if you want to install a cover

tech wheel on your lightsaber later

you're going to have to go in and drill

a screw hole to put the screw in and

attach the cover tech wheel so you know

if you don't want to do that then well I

don't know you're not going to have a

cover tech wheel or you'll have to send

it in to somebody else

versus some of these other hilts you

could just attach the d-ring to the

bottom of the pommel like this so you're

just screwing in

the d-ring right to the bottom or you

might be able to glue it in some cases

or other you have some other options but

yep so those are kind of some of the

main differences and similarities

between the cover tech wheel and the

d-ring clip and as a last note if you're

looking at continuity

I guess the d-ring is more of like the

New Republic or you know kind of a new

hope on convention since you know that's

how it is in the movies and the cover

tech wheel is more for Old Republic era

prequel era that sort of thing so if you

want to follow those type of continuity

conventions then that may also sway your

decision but yeah anyway so that is the

d-ring versus the cover tech wheel