How To Install a Light Fixture

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look up look way I remember that yeah if

you get that reference then you're old

enough to put it away well we are okay

so this is your guide plate we turn the

power off right so what I'm gonna get

you to do is there's two holes that

you're gonna line up with the two holes

in the flaps or the flanges that come

off of the electrical box okay

all right so then these wires go through

the middle exactly yeah okay so there

you go thank you

looks like he done yeah yeah bingo there

we go oh nice job ah almost done

I'll get the later okay cool thank you

normally I would get the light myself

but I have you know I told you why I'm

you here today so if you're working by

yourself you want to be able to support

it so you're gonna take your ground wire

which is always the copper bare wire and

you have a ground screw right here right

so that's your ground to ground so

you're gonna want to wrap it around that

ground screw then tighten that screw so

in case that slips out of your hand

it'll hold hold

yeah okay okay all right so okay I'm

gonna just get you the screws right over

here so you would normally have on my

own just drive that home for me good you

have a friend here Oh like for you oh

good yeah okay oh so look at that hang

for a sec make sure that holds that's

the test and you're good to go

see so that if you ever ever let it go

it's gonna hold okay good so really easy

instructions after this it's black to

black white to white alright okay there

we go

exactly you just twist them around okay

no then you're gonna take what's called

a marette now a marette just goes around

inside so you want to make sure all that

wire goes in there and then you just

twist the screw it on oh so it's like a

little cap yeah we're gonna twist the

wire into it like a tube of toothpaste

exactly there we go as well that ground

wire is I know you know I never knew to

do this this is great yeah it's a nice

little tip with handing it by yourself

so you're pretty good right if you're

comfortable with that everything's good

so we're gonna get do one more safety


here okay and we're going to tape it

okay all right Moretz can fall off which

means there could be a short ticket

cause sparks and we just want to make

sure that that Moretz stays in place so

here I'll do the white one so what

you're gonna do is just start on the

marette itself right and make sure that

you wrap it right around that wire to go

and alight so there's one I'll hold the

lamp for you thank you will rip some

electrical tape around a marette oh

right is that French for don't get

shocked it could be yeah I'm not sure if

that's French is more it French Moretz

it sounds French to meet somebody lamb

but it so let's start on the cap yeah

mother marette and voila so just make

sure you got a good seal there make sure

you're good all right

next step you're gonna just lift the

lamp up you're gonna push the wires in

as you go okay push the moretz in make

sure they're all secured within the box

itself because that's keeping all your

electrical within a secure box okay so

all this stuff gets just shoved up yeah


make sure your moretz are up there okay

and then you're gonna feed these two

screws that are hanging down into this

the holes provided in the way hmm

there you go do it okay so there you go

there's your nuts to finish off with the

capping all right they're very tiny yes


I'm surprised they're so small to hold

up a while I know well really what's

holding it up is the bolts that are

coming through but you're right right

again cap on it so wallah great alright

let's see if it works though that was


we'll see