Best way to mount - attach License plates / Number plates with no holes DIY

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alright guys back with another little

DIY today and today it's all about these

little bits of double-sided tape I've

been getting heaps of questions about

number plates or license plates

depending if you're from America about

how I fixed mine I've had a lot of

people notice I have a flush mount plate

and in Queensland in Australia where I

live you have the option to get a what

they call a flexi plate which is a plate

made of plastic a lot of people don't

want to drill through them and sort of

have that flush clean look and the best

way I found to mount it is with this

this is a little product by 3m it's

called jewel lock and essentially what

it is is it's a double-sided tape but

it's a Velcro as such it's a matching

velcro so you don't need one loop side

and one hook side it's essentially two

of the same so no matter where you stick

it it'll always stick to itself now I

found the best way is that the clear is

clear you don't notice that you can

stick it on the back of your plates see

it on the back of your car when it comes

time to move your car on you can easily

just pull your plates off and stick them

on your new car and you don't have to

worry about removing the old stuff and

being sort of like a good three and

product it is it is pretty good to get

off and it won't pull your paint off now

you can heat it up a little bit it gets

a bit stretchy and you can just pull it

straight off so I'll give you guys a

rundown on what I've done on my car and

then I've also had a couple questions

about the front plate so I will show you

what I've done with that as well for

people that don't want to drill into

their front back okay so this is mine as

you can see no screws and no bolts now

the best thing about it is if you ever

want to clean behind it

it just pops off you can get the stuff

in black preferably I like the clear

stuff but at the time that's what I had

this was the old clear stuff from sort

of way back in the time but it makes it

very easy pretty simple you don't need a

lot it holds on quite well I've actually

used a little bit of the double-sided

tape with the 3m on top just to make a

little bit thicker just to space it out

that was because my car had these little

factory bolt holes that have been raised

that I didn't really want to cut down

because you can see a tiny little bit of

them from sort of up the top but super

easy you can wash behind your car you

can polish it you can clean it and then

when it comes time to put them back on

you just push and they sort of just snap

into place and that's it it's back on

all right so don't mind the dirty car

but this is what it is up close that's

the brand you need to look for if you're

looking to buy some I'll put a link in

the description and this is sort of up

close what it is it sort of just looks

like a heap of like little lollipops and

they just snap

and they just hold really well as for my

front plate I've made up just a little

bracket sort of a bear about an inch

away from the car and it was just out of

just a little bit of aluminium that I

had and then to attach it to that I

actually just put two screws up

underneath the bar so that way if you

ever want to take it off you'll have

that nice flush front and to a touch it

same deal this is another 3m product

it's the same actual like clear plastic

that the dual lock is made out of but

it's just their outdoor double-sided

tape it's actually quite thick and the

only problem with this is once you stick

it on it's quite hard to come off you

will have to probably use a little bit

of heat it has a lot sort of like an

adhesive that will sort of go off in

around about thirty minutes but that's

it there they also do another version

which is gray and it's got a foam core

it's rated to hold about five kilos off

the top of my head both are great I

would recommend either either the double

sided tape is really good but both do a

really good job of holding plates on so

it's a very quick little DIY and just

makes things look a lot neater and


alright guys so that was a quick little

short one nothing too complicated number

plates it's not real hard I'll be back

next week we're doing a upgrade on my

inner cooler pump befitting a davies

craig 40 liters per minute so i'll do a

little video on that and sorry for the

dirty attire I've actually spent all day

rubbing back the Porsche so there'll be

some more Porsche videos in the very

future but for now any questions drop

them in the comments below and I'll try

to drop a few more videos before

Christmas on the 55 and I've got another

one coming up which a lot of you guys

have asked for is fitting an engine

dampener so that'll be an interesting

one sort of save a bit of life in the

engine mounts and the training mount and

stop a lot of talk that seems to be

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