Add a Sign to a Mesh Wreath

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hi this is Jerry at the fancy crow I

have another installment in my mesh

wreath making series today it's going to

be putting a sign in the middle of a

basic wreath I'm also going to show you

how to put a hanger on the back so let's

go through the workstation and get

started okay I'm ready to attach my sign

but before I attach my sign I want to

determine where the top of my wreath is

and I like this area right here so I'd

like this general area to be the top of

my wreath I'll know the exact area when

I flip it over because I want the top of

it to be at an upright so here's an

upright here here's one here and I think

I like this one here better so this is

gonna be the top of my wreath I'm gonna

put my hanger in and that way I'll be

able to free be sure and find the top of

my reef again and I just go across the

hanger so this holds here I wait till

the zip tie zips two or three times I

want to make sure it's secure but not

too small snip off that end and turn it

so that the buckle is underneath alright

now I am ready to put my sign in so I

need to decide where I want it you can

have it I have them have them better off

at the side they can be up at the top

sometimes they're at the bottom I want

mine in the middle if yours is at the

bottom you're probably going to need to

snip your jute and bring it to the sides

and tie it and secure it with a zip tie

but since mine's at the top it's gonna

go easily in there I'm going to reach my

hand here find the top center of my jute

grab that now you can't see what I'm

doing but I'm feeling for not only the

where that upright is that I had my top

but I'm also on the bottom

wrong and I think if I put it in the

bottom rung it's gonna hang too low

I'm gonna go up to the next one and I

will flip it over and that's where I

want it to go so I'm gonna need two more

zip ties one on each side of this

upright make sure that doesn't get in

there my let it go sideways I'm just

going to put this on this side and not

pull it tight this on this side and not

pull it tight so I'm gonna wait want to

see which side of that I'm gonna go on

so I'm gonna see that that's on there I

think I'm gonna do it pretty close in so

it's gonna go on this side of that

chenille stem be sure to not get that

hanger in there all right

once again I wanna see that that's in

the center and that's gonna require both

of these to be pretty close together and

then just pull them tight be sure to not

get them tangled or tied into there you

can see this this isn't really gonna

move much once it's hanging it won't

move it's in there pretty tight snip off

those ends and I reach it just about


I can't tuck this underneath I can leave

it on top I'm gonna do a little bit of

both I'm gonna put it a little bit

underneath and a little bit on top want

to cover up those those that hanger that

jute hanger with mesh and ribbon and

then I just need to go ahead and fluff

it so that will be our next video is how

to fluff that wreath and finish it off

until then I hope you'll like us share

us and subscribe and have a good rest of

your day