J - How to Use a Leg Bag: Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy | City of Hope

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a leg bag is a smaller drainage bag that

can be strapped to your thigh or lower

leg during the day you may find that

using a leg bag during the day helps you

to be more mobile because it is smaller

and can be worn under clothing the leg

bag is usually replaced with the larger

drain bag at night your nurse will go

over all of this information with you

and show you how to perform each step

but we will give you an overview here

you will need alcohol wipes a leg bag

with straps and a clean towel or paper

towels one first wash your hands with

soap and water do not leave out this

step a good guide is to wash for as long

as it takes you to sing happy birthday

all the way through to empty the large

drain bag into the toilet 3 use an

alcohol wipe to clean the connection

between the tubing of the large drain

bag and the Foley catheter 4 place a

towel or paper towel under the

connection to catch any urine the drips

5 pinch the tubing of the Foley catheter

to prevent urine from leaking out 6 use

a twisting motion to disconnect the

tubing of the large drain bag from the

Foley catheter be careful not to pull on

your Foley catheter place the large

drain bag aside if you have difficulty

pinching the catheter and disconnecting

the drain bag at the same time your

nurse will give you a blue plastic clamp

to use do not use any other type of

clamp as this may damage the catheter 7

connect the leg bag to your Foley

catheter 8 attach the leg bag to your

thigh or lower leg with the straps

provided position the leg bag so that it

remains lower than your bladder even

when sitting down 9 clean the large

drain bag with soap and water and hang

to dry 10 wash your hands with soap and

water again 11 be aware that you will

have to empty the leg bag more often

because it is smaller empty it when it

is one third to one half full 12 replace

the leg bag with the larger drain bag

before you go to sleep at night

13 clean your drain bags with soap and

water after every use rinsing the bags

with a solution of white vinegar and

water after cleaning helps to reduce