How to install a ledger board on existing stucco wall

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hello YouTube my south-facing backyard

exposes to the scorching California

sunshine during the summer which easily

heats my deck for to temperature that

could burn my barefoot was he seconds so

I decided to add a deck cover to provide

some shade and hopefully it will make my

deck a little bit more useful in order

for that cover to be up standing above

my deck I've already poured a concrete

for the posts which will support my

cover on the outside so the other side

of the cover will be attached to the

stucco wall snow a ledger board in order

to secure the ledger board on this set

of a war I need to know where to enter

it those boats cannot directly attached

through stucco wall or plyo siding

behind it because neither of them

provides secure connection instead the

ledger board needs to be attached to the

house framing fortunately I still keep

photos when the house was still under

construction so ideally the larger Bowl

will be month like this and this is a

roof structure one way to secure the

ledger board is to make use of those


however those struts are just two by

fours and the ledger board I'm going to

use is 1/2 inch in diameter all right so

this is the ledger boat I'm using 2 now

and ledger board onto the stock over its

half inch diameter now ancientness and

it will go into the stuck behind a

stucco like this you can compare size

you know this is a piece of 2x4 and the

boat is about 1/2 inch wide so that

means I have to a hole about a little

smaller than 1/2 inch to get this boat

into the suit so a 2x4 is actually 1

point 1/2 inch wide so draw a hole about

1/2 inch what is this eating away 1/3 of

material I believe that will make the

wood a lot weaker not to mention I have

so many studs I have put those boats in


many of them and eventually they will

make the whole structure weaker not to

mention I don't have a good aiming that

I can draw hold right into this earth

after layers of stucco the year of

plywood layer of wireframe and still hit

right the standard of the word most

likely I will miss it

or I will hit the side of it in both

case I believe whoa you know make the

structural weaker so the solutions put

boats where the green crosses are

however as you can tell from this

picture those locations are hollow which

means there's no solid material behind

the plywood so my solution was to

squeeze in pieces of four by fours to

fill up the hollow space so the lighter

boats will make its way into all solid


the boats are long enough to thread

through all these layers firmly attached

in the larger board to the house

structure and these are some examples

from Eric of how these larger boats or

strata in and this is the result Wow not

final result because I was still on my

way to finish the rightmost section of

it when I took this photo stay tuned for

my next video framing thank you for

watching bye