Building/installation of a cedar pergola feature

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alright what's up guys Blake Hawthorne

it's his turf today we're gonna be doing

a pergola installation I'm gonna show

you guys the whole process so let's get

to it


so we're gonna be putting a turbulent

over here we're gonna be attaching the

band to the building it's going to go

right there above that white brick line




we're gonna set a post here on the

corner I post to the sitter better post

on the other corner we'll run our band

across the front here then all of our

joists will come out and run towards the

fence we'll do that we'll lab it with

one by fours



so what we're having to do is our

brackets are a five and a half by five

and a half and our cedar posts are a

true six inch by six inch so we had to

measure the height of the bracket down

here after you set the plate in there

we're measuring it out on our six by six

no we're gonna do is we'll take our

skill itself we're just going to shave

some off of each side a quarter inch off

the each side and it'll set it down in





we're putting on our outside joist what

we did is we cut this an inch and 3/4

longer than the rest of them reason

being we want to but it flush up against

the building

banging it in on the outside of the band

that's on the building so that being

said we're about to get this

straightened up get it all the post

level then we'll tow now those in we go

back to the other side do the same thing

this thing should start coming together


but we are going on we just put our

outside joist on we measured out in

between inside the inside across the top

we have eight more joists that are gonna

go on so we're gonna divide it into nine

equal sections

well mark Center and then we'll Center

our joist on that the reason we're

marking at nine is because with the

eight more joist up there and leave nine

gaps alright so over here we're gonna be

running a double band up against the

building I'm and these lag bolts that we

put in we've already cut our other two

boards for our band

what we're gonna do is we're gonna hold

it up there we're gonna tap on it

marking where the three lag bolts are

we'll drill those out with a bit just

enough to sink and sandwich this one

nice and flush cut against it the reason

we did a double band is one secured to

the brick we're gonna set it down here

on the ground the second one and we'll

run all of our joist out across it even

spaced and then we'll pick it up in one

half sandwich it in and then we'll come

down here do the same thing pick it up

in one half sandwich it in then the

entire party load will be finished all

we'll have left to do is run our one by

fours lathing across the top


all right do that on everything we

wanted we get till I get to that one



hi gassim for this project one with a

western redcedar this was a

special-order product a one reason we

did this is because we weren't able to

get our standard cedar and 16 foot links

for our joist another thing we did on

this design is we went with 24 inch

spacings on our joists and 18 inch

spacings on our 1 by 4 lathing on top

the customer is most likely going to be

putting a cover on this later on but if

they weren't going to we would narrow

that spacing either 18 or even 12 inches

just to allow more shade down below


alright guys so we just finished

everything up came out nicely nice

western red cedar pergola so we had the

6x6 post the 2 by 6 stand and joists and

then lads it was 1 by fours and it

turned out really nice

took us about a half a day to install

this I'm pretty happy with it this is a

nice feature it's another material like

mixing materials you know the concrete

with the wood and the softener with the

landscape just really complements the

area we're going to stain it and then

we'll probably go ahead if the customer

talks about staining the fence to match

this as well so should all come together

but hope you guys enjoyed today's video

be sure and leave a comment down below

let me know what you think let me know

if you're gonna be adding features like

this to your services so you guys got

blessed have a good day