How to attach a surfboard leash

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hi I'm Jeff with rider fax or shop

located in Los Angeles California

and today I'm going to show you how to

properly attach a leash to a surfboard

so sitting here in front of me I have a

lost Taj Burrow beach buggy surfboard

and I have an SCS six-foot competition

leash now starting with the leash here

this leash comes equipped with a rail

saver and includes a g-string which is

what we're going to use to attach the

leash to our surfboard this nylon part

of the surfboard leash is known as the

rail saver and the purpose of the rail

saver is to protect the edge and rail of

your board during wipeouts from the

leash string tearing it up so right now

I'm going to show you how to install the

string and then we're going to show you

how to adjust it properly

so I've started by unattach in the leash

string from the leash and now I'm going

to feed the leash string through the

leash plug on the surfboard a lot of

times they'll feed through really easy

but sometimes if you need a little bit

of assistance a toothpick or a pen the

tip of a pair of scissors can work great

for feeding the leash string through now

what you want to do when you put your

leash string through you loop it through

and then you loop it through itself and

then pull it tight then what you want to

do is check and make sure the string is

short enough so that it's not going to

rip through the back ear board during

your wipeout so what I'm going to do

here is pull it over whereas right now

it seems a little bit long so your two

choices are to either shorten up this

string by adjusting the not here to

shorten it up which is what I'm going to

do to make it fall at a shorter spot

just like so or you can pull it up just

like this and double loop through the

leash string which can be really easy to

do too I'm going to take my rail saver

unbell from it and we're going to feed

it through the leash string

we're going to do this just like so

velcro it closed and then what you want

to check is to make sure that your rail

saver is hitting along the rail of your

board this will ensure that during

wipeouts the least string does not rip

through the backyard board that's how to

attach a leash to a surfboard thanks for

tuning in be sure to check out more at

our website at rider shack comm thanks a