DIY Lean to Shed - Attaching Ridge Beam and Supports

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good morning good morning old man what's

the plan

you just show up whenever you want to

expect me to

drop everything and start working what

i'm thinking is we go

two foot up

and then put that beam across right




no the big blue one



just a-frame style

that would work best

all right now we've got i think all the

tools that we need

to get this puppy started

tight measures hammers nails


some deck screws markers

pens i think i got a pencil in here


two foot from that line will go up

we'll go do a straight line across and

then that

two by six will set on top of that line

and then we're gonna have the same thing

on these posts so we'll have a two by


that sits in the little notch so it'll

be ten foot and ten foot

all right and then we're if we've got

enough i'd like to put another two by


it to that one on the inside that way we

have a doubled up

thickness of the two by six because it's

going to be holding the entire weight

of everything on there yeah we're going

to use these rim shanks they've got all

these little

rims and edges that basically pull the

nail in

and then the nail can't work its way

back out so these are a lot more secure

for any kind of

structural building projects


no it's going to go on top of the line



yeah we'll need to

all right so we're right at 143

and a quarter


there you go


nope let's put this

say hi

all right so that'll be our ridge line

now we're going to cut two two by sixes

and put them down here on this end


you don't think so



just there you go




all right you want to take a break all


let's go inside there rest our little


on that one eight nine into the creek

papa will tell you which one he wants to

get okay

was sitting on





all right


okay good












little things



hey friends so we got a a pretty good

start on things

dad had to head back to his house to

meet some uh some contractors there

uh but we got a pretty good jump on

things we got the uh

the posts and the beams up on that side

we got the ridgeline on that side

kind of figured out how we're going to

put the rafters up and uh get those set


hopefully things will go a little bit

smoother a little bit faster we're going

to have some cooler days this week

so hopefully we'll be able to to get

some more of this up

it is beginning to seem like this will


ever end the old tractor's never going

to get a house

one of these days someday soon maybe all

right thank you guys for watching we

appreciate you

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