How to tie a leader on your main line

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heis Chris again at SRQ fishing Oasis um

I get a lot of questions about how to

tie or your leader to your to your main

line a lot of people use braided line

but you know that's how I have to it's

good to use a leader especially in salt

water a lot of people like to use a

fluorocarbon leader and I'm going to

show you how to tie them together you

know without having to use a swivel

first thing you do is you you take your

main line and you see the point in two

lines right here you're going to take

your leader and the point is going to be

facing the opposite direction so you

have your lines facing the ends facing

in opposite directions what you're going

to do is take the first end your main

line or you can do either one first but

you know take it and you're just going

to kind of bend it back in the opposite

direction and wrap it around both lines

do it five or six times and then you

take your tag in and you go through the

loop hit the front and pull it pull it

tight and then you'll do the exact same

thing with your leader line

bend it back wrap it around both lines

five or six times

Tagg in through the loop pull it tight

now when you pull this tight especially

if you use in fluorocarbon you'll want a

wet your knot that you made with the

fluorocarbon because it seems to pull

tighter when it's wet so just stick it

in your mouth or something and then what

you do when you have the two knots there

you just pull them together pull them

nice and tight and that's it

and that's your so you need a uni knot

and then you can just take a pair of

scissors or whatever cut off the excess

there's your you need a uni knot you can

pull through your guys and everything

it's pretty small knot but it's strong

its supposedly 95% on something like

that but that's how you do it