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those of you who have watched all my

videos this house may look familiar

instead of mirrors that I'm installing

in this video I have installed and

uninstalled three different times and in

two different houses in the first video

where I installed these was dance floor

in your basement first a little bit of

background this is obviously a family

that has kids that dance for some reason

they wanted to relocate the dance floor

room from one room to another room I

think they were going to use it as an

office and not a dance room anymore so

that's why they wanted me to move them

and previously I they moved houses so I

uninstalled them in one house and moved

them to this current house this is newer

standard construction half-inch drywall

2x4 walls so if you have plaster walls

or you're from a foreign country and you

have steel studs most likely it's very

similar installation process that you

might want to do a little more research

on that on the steel studs so what I

have here is the wall and the main

component to hanging huge mirrors these

are three foot by five foot and I hung

four of them so that's going to give you

a twelve foot run five feet tall is the

J channel this J channel here is what

the mirror sits down into and rest into

this here is a stud

this here is half-inch drywall I always

screw into the studs to hang the J

channel the j-channel does does come

with the holes pre-drilled now you're

not always going to be able to use those

pre-drilled holes it's aluminum so just

regular deck screws will screw right

through the aluminum through the drywall

and then go straight into the studs

I don't pre-drill and it's worked out

fine for me now in the tops of the

mirrors there's just these clear plastic

clips and in the video I'll show you

close-ups of what those look like I'm

going to put links to both the J channel


mirror clips in the description keep in

mind they do come in different depths so

if you have a real thick mirror maybe I

mean they come is the J channel comes as

wide as a half an inch but standard is a

quarter inch or 5/16 of an inch any

questions put them in the comments and I

am thinking of doing a Q&A video I've

just got a lot of comments coming in on

all my old videos and I thought maybe I

should just group them all together yeah

just pick out some really good questions

so if you got questions that aren't

related to the mirror maybe it's a

different project leave those in the

comment section also and please give

this video a like and share it if you

know someone who wants to put a dance

floor in their house and you need a a 12

foot wall of mirrors might give them a

some tips



okay today I'll show you this room here

everybody remember when I installed

these so this room is now becoming an

office and the dance floor room is gonna

be right over here

hopefully they put this together but

they I don't know how these things are

gonna stay on this carpet

but that thing on yeah that TV needs to

go there this entertainment center

I'm not messing with I did move it out

away from the wall and the mirrors are

gonna get mounted just above the outlet

so I'm gonna pop this TV off label these

three wires these three here and get to

installing mirrors on this wall

Dulce tape


one thing to be careful of when you're

hanging mirrors whether you're driving a

screw you don't want it sometimes when

you're at an awkward angle and you're

not directly right behind it it can slip

off and boom right into the wall

or in this case it could slip off and go

straight into the mirror


now this is the level of the mirror

right here since as you can tell they

like to move these things around they

don't know how long you're going to live

here they don't want to do with the

patch because they're always going to

take those mirrors with them so what I'm

what I did is I just wire none of these

off push the coax right back in we're

gonna go right over it and I'm gonna cut

a blank plate right like that and so

you'll just see the tops of a plate here

and then when they grow out of dancing

or they want to get rid of these mirrors

they can just put things right back

where they were it's at a the right

height for a TV set a way up here

see there's 20 minute hot mud just need

a little to fill the old holes that

where the watch a moco the where the

mirrors work isn't gonna take much but

it always makes a little bit more it's

easier to get a consistent make it way

more than I need this stuff usually

comes in a bag I got this bucket of

course you don't need a full a bucket

but it's got a really good positive

latching lid

no more spilled hot mud