How to Increase Outlook Attachment File Size

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today we are going to learn about how we

can increase the Microsoft file

attachment so basically Microsoft file

attachment only supported in 20mp we can

increase the file size by using for a

method go to your registry page right

click on it it will be open the register

page then select H keep current user

select the Microsoft Office if we are

using Outlook 2016 you have to select 16

then select and select preference here

you have to include one refoy by click

continue and if you're using 64-bit

click on the 64-bit value and you can

add the file name as maximum attach an

attachment size then you have to enter

the value for pre 0 or 1 to 0 if you

would like to increase of Isis as 30 MB

and click OK now your file size will be

increased up to 30 MB this is a

requisite you to increase the attachment

file size in Microsoft Orton