HOW TO: Wear a lapel pin

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me my suit and tie presents how to wear

a lapel pin

tip one compliment your neighbors one of

the most effective ways to add a touch

of individuality and character to your

jacket is with the lapel pin available

in all shapes and sizes you can really

add a touch of janessa choir to your

overall look for maximum effect choose a

lapel pin that can compliment your tie

and pocket square tip to pin it your pin

should always be worn on the left lapel

this is usually where you'll find a

handy buttonhole perfect for attaching

your lapel pin then make sure you avoid

any accidental impalements by using a

safety cloth to cover the end if your

jacket doesn't have a buttonhole you can

simply pierce through the material as

science and magic will make the small

hole disappear as soon as a pin is

removed tip 3 take control long-stemmed

lapel pins can sometimes be a little



never fear this problem can quickly be

rectified by simply applying a strip of

tape to the underside of the lapel easy

peasy lemon squeezy another option if

you run out of tape is to pierce the pin

back through the lapel and attach the

safety clasp on the top side this will

give you maximum control and also add a

stronger visual impact

tip for follow your jacket last of all

your lapel pin should always follow the

line of your jackets this way your PIN

will complement the natural flow of the

lapel rather than distracting now go

forth and be that fashion icon you know

you are