Ikea Lampshade Hack

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for a long time I've had issues with the

fact that you cannot seem to purchase a

replacement lampshade for 90% of the

lamps that you buy in the world today I

recently had yet another lampshade break

and I wanted to put a replacement on and

took the base to a store and the guy

said not can't can't help you that's you

know European or IKEA style lamp base

and you you we don't sell lampshades for

that and to be honest you're not going

to find anyone that does so I went to

three other lamp stores and everybody

said the same thing and my understanding

at this point is that lamps that you

purchase at IKEA though not only IKEA

IKEA Target have this system of of

securing the shade on it that does not

have a harp that's screwed on at the top

which is traditional lampshade part and

if you walk into a lamp store that's

what they sell and here it is there are

two options that will come up one is

that you already have a threaded lamp

base it just is not the right size as

you see here the the IKEA lamp shade as

well as all of the adapters that come

with the IKEA lampshade don't fit it all

on this space so that's pretty useless

but if you go out and buy a washer that

is 1 and 3/8 inch diameter on the inside

and a 3 inch diameter on the outside at

your local hardware store for 69 cents

you can pop that guy in there and then

put your lampshade on and screw it down

tightly and it works like a charm if you

have a lampshade base that's not doesn't

have a threaded collar on it then he

would need to go one extra step and

purchase this item from this

wonderful sounding store in New York

City which must have every conceivable

lamp connector adapter in the world

because this is the third time I've used

them in there they have everything and

the type of lamp base cost like four

bucks and you would just have to swap

out your lamp base so there's a little

wiring there and then you would be able

to use the said washer and up in your

IKEA lampshade and be done so that's it

so you