How to Attach a Quilt Label by Fat Quarter Shop and Me & My Sister Designs using Stitch Witchery

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hi I'm Kimberly with the fat quarter

shop and I'm here with Mary of me and my

sister designs and we've come up with

some cute ways to put your quilt label

on your quilt we're going to be using

stitch witchery and the hot Hemmer and

we're going to show you how this works a

lot better than pinning because when you

pin a quilt label to your quilt it

always comes out crooked so let us show

you how so to start we're going to use

our hot hammer and our new exclusive

labels to fat quarter shop we've printed

these as spoon flour and we drew lines

on where you should fold down and the

hot hammer does that perfectly because

it's got this nice straight line and

it's meant to be thick but you can iron

on top of it safely it won't damage it

you can use it over and over so you just

fold it back and press

can you just do that on all four sides

okay Kimberly this is stitch witchery

this is what we were talking about okay

this is a fusible based that we're gonna

use to put on your label okay okay so

show me where you want your label

okay so I've cut a piece of the stitch

witchery and we're gonna hold the label

down and keep it permanent until she can

stitch it right you do this a lot in the

car and such we're gonna slide that into

the edge and we've got our iron on the

wool setting okay we don't want any

hanging out because it will groove up

and so this is permanent so once it

sticks it stayed straight okay mm-hmm

we've got it underneath I'm gonna use a

pressing cloth because I don't want to

get it on your iron got it down it's

ready to go I'm gonna do one first and

then it'll hold it down for us to put

the other three on okay so we're just

gonna cover that up and we have it on

the wool setting cuz it wants it to be

nice and warm and we're gonna hold it on

there for a while do you think we need

to do all four sides or just - um

depending on ooh

I usually do all four okay okay so

that's on there and it's gonna let us

maneuver this without it moving so well

yeah okay cut that off and then we're

gonna do our two little short site

I don't like it all and we want to put

it a little bit away from the label so

that when you're sewing it down by hand

after this you have somewhere to put

your needle or else you're gonna be so

sticky that you can't get your needle in

cuff it's down there none of it's

showing the press cloth again we're

gonna work our way down I get in there

it's steamy we're jumping yeah I have

gotten it on my iron before and it's not

fun so we don't want it on there but

this way your mobile yeah in the past

I've put my labels on with pins you know

just straight pins

stick you and they come up and so I'm

really excited to be able to do this now

and I hope you guys try this at home and

especially try this on your new fat

quarter stock will