ESEE 5: How I Attach My ESEE 5 To My Backpack

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all right everybody Tim here again so

real quick quick video this time um I've

had a lot you see this pact is the

vulture to from expedition this is my

hiking pack slightly bigger than this

particular pack also from expedition all

right this is my EDC bag this is my

hiking pack all right a lot of people

have asked me in the past

about the pack but then recently quite a

few people are asking me about the knife

you've seen the SE number four right

here a lot now I have the SC number five

here all the time on my hike in pack and

a lot of people are asking me how are

you attaching that to your your pack

what straps what are you using one

person I use in paracord I'm not what I

am using is the multi lakhs from blade

tech which used to and I'm not sure if

they still do but they used to come with

se knives and you can buy them virtually

anywhere eBay anywhere mine came with

actually my escena before came with them

quite a few years ago when I bought it

but the SC number five did not but I had

purchased a whole bunch of them I had a

whole bunch of them so that is how its

held onto my pack always in the the

upright the blade up tip up

configuration so if I need it I can just

grab it and you know and use it I like

it they I've never lost of a an se knife

or any knife for that matter off my pack

I like it on the strap and I'm going to

take the pack off lower the camera will

get a little bit better look at how it's

held on there okay one second as I said

this is the max edition vulture -

alright here is my su number five I

always wear my my fixed blade I always

have a folding knife on my person and

then I have the fixed blade always on my

shoulder strap now if you look here

obviously I have a test right here right


you can see that I have the blade tech

moly locks and what I do is I go through

because the old vulture to pack the

green one I have in some of my other

videos my more read my more older videos

the Mac the SC sheath used to slide

right up underneath this this this strap

here and I used to jam it up in there

and it wasn't going anywhere well they

made this is my newer Maxpedition bag

I've had for a couple years now a few

years actually they made this strap

smaller so I can't fit the SC for let

alone the SC five up underneath this so

I went with the Molly blade tech Molly

locks so I have one on partly on the

sternum strap and then through the pals

webbing I hope you can see that right

there they're very strong I've never

ever had one come undone they've never

loosened or warped or cracked in the

winter time and I'm talking in snow zero

degree weather as well as really hot

humid weather but and it just hangs

right there never goes anywhere and this

is a palm remember the SE number five is

a whole pound it just hangs diff just

like that so for those of you that have

asked anybody ever wondering great great

grab a bunch of them grab a handful of

them you can get them off eBay really

really cheap I mean everybody I think is

carrying them and that did they're just

good to have grab if you put them on

your pack and you'll always have them so

that's it everybody

su number five one pound knife hanging

with the blade tech moly locks on my

shoulder sternum strap

that's how I keep it on there okay thank

you for watching be well say safe and we

will talk soon all right bye