How to Replace & Install a Kitchen Sink / Cast-Iron to Stainless-Steel

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this home is up for sale and the

homeowner asked me to switch this sink

out for a stainless steel the buyer

requested a new sink be put in as part

of the agreement they did not like this

with little rust spot down at the bottom

I got a whole video on how to get rid of

that so if they just cleaned off that

rust the buyer probably wouldn't have

had a problem they wouldn't have to do

this whole project but it is what it is

so we're gonna take out the sink and put

in a new one looking underneath there's

a lot of things we have to disconnect

here here here here here here here and

probably somewhere else and underneath

you can see how the sink is clamped to

the countertop with these screws so

here's an atom tip these valves are

notorious for dripping once you've

messed with them so don't shut them off

here don't turn off the water by

spinning these handles go to the main

shutoff valve for the house and turn on

the water off there and that way you'll

stop yourself from having to replace

these because once they start dripping

you're just gonna have to swap the whole

part so save yourself that trouble once

you've shut off the water drain any

remaining water that's left in the pipes

and then you disconnect the hot and cold

lines get some rags ready because you

will have water still in the pipes

unplug the disposal and take note of

this you see how the pipe leading from

the disposal is slanted downwards make

sure you keep that slant it can't be

sloping towards the disposal because it

will mean that the disposal will say

full of water and it'll rust out quicker

so when you're hooking it back up make

sure there's a slight slant away from

the disposal this hose that the top is

the drain from the dishwasher and take

it off all of these drain connections

are meant to be done by hand you do not

use a wrench on these

this is a neat tool that I'll tell you

more about it at the end of the video

but what it does is help you lift and

attach the disposal it's like a wrench

and a holder at the same time insert

couple screwdrivers or even the wrench

they give you into these slots and give

it a quarter turn hold on to it because

it will fall disconnect these and this

is going to be full of water that's the

p-trap and it's gross water as well so

get a bucket ready

okay this pipe is going to lead right

into the sewer so to stop the funk from

getting into your kitchen shove a rag in

there and we're undoing these clamps

once you loosen it it'll fall off its

gonna be several all the way around with

the clamps off you can pull out the sink

and depending on the amount of silicone

yours might be a lot tougher to get off

do a little cleanup around the edge this

is the sink they want to put in for me I

would have spent more money on it it's

really thin so it's gonna dent easier

it's also flimsy when you move the

handle of the faucet it's gonna flex the

sink I recommend spending more money but

is what it is before you do anything dry

fit it in make sure it all fits fine

next up is plumber's putty we're gonna

take a chunk of this it's kind of like

play-doh so we're gonna make a ring put

it around the drain and use a lot it's

gonna squish out and fill in all the

little cracks and voids so that the

water doesn't leak out now this stuff

does make grease marks on the stainless

steel but you just clean that off later

rubber gasket paper gasket metal nut

first tighten it by hand and then you

can use a wrench while you're tighten it

look straight down make sure it's all

lined up you don't want it off-center

flip it around and you should see the

plumber's putty losing out on all sides

if it's not you probably didn't put

enough so you're gonna tighten this and

then let the putty is out and then

tighten it again and let more putty come

out do that a while until it feels like

it's really snug and tight

and can you spot the mistake I made

there's no food that's going to go

through this drain let's see how it's

blocked so I have to remove this later

not a big deal but it's just easier to

do all these attachments and parts while

it's on the kitchen floor not when it's

up under the sink and you're working

upside down this is a different style of

clamps I'm getting them all ready before

I put the sink on the counter here I put

a bead of silicone and the base plate so

the water doesn't leak underneath out

under the sink this is the nut that

secures the faucet next step you're

going to want a hundred percent silicone

with a stainless steel sink you're going

to use clear and we're putting a

generous bead all the way around the

edge normally do the silicone last I

just forgot a couple connections here

these are new water lines the old ones

were too short so be prepared you

probably need new water lines ok now

carefully put the sink in act kind of

quick because it's easier to clean off

the silicone when it's still fresh

tightening the new clamps hook them back

up the hot and cold

now I'm loosely fitting these pipes back

together I'm not going to tighten

anything now the problem is this sink is

a little higher than the last the base

of the sink it's not as deep so this

pipe here is probably gonna be a problem

I'll have to get a couple more parts I'm

just loosely fitting everything together

Here I am putting on the correct drain

this one's for a disposal and this is

the hard part you have to snap on a

metal ring this is a lot easier when

you're doing it with the sink on the

kitchen floor it also helps if you have

an assistant pushing down from above it

keeps the drain from moving

here's this disposal lift tool again

goes on like that and it makes it easy

to pick up and attach give it a twist

and make sure it's all the way tightened

all right timeout for just a second I'm

editing this video and I want to make

sure this part is absolutely clear and I

don't think it is from the footage that

I filmed so I'm gonna explain it right

now when you're tightening this there's

a little lip on the threads okay you

want to make sure you get this part

right because if it's not totally

connected all the way past this little

notch right there there's this little

lip so when you're putting on your

connection it comes up onto this Ridge

there's three of them it spins you're

turning it turning it and it's gonna go

over this little bump right there and

once it's over that tiny bump then it's

locked in let me show you my current

disposal under my sink this part is on

the disposal this part is the sink mount


it might be hard it's gonna want to stop

before it goes all the way over the lump

so you can get some pliers and squeeze

that together if you need to and that

way you were gonna make sure that it is

secure all right back to the video yeah

now that it's hooked up I can see this

is too short I'm gonna need a longer

piece luckily I had a little extension

and now the pipe from the disposal seems

to be a little bit too long so I'm going

to cut that off loosely attach

everything together don't make it really

tight yet just once everything's at ease

and all put together then you can

tighten it securely

this brass one you can use a wrench

everything else do by hand you can plug

in the disposal and put back in the

dishwasher drain and we are done again

you can see those greasy fingerprints

from the plumbers putty stainless steel

sink cleaner and you can get all that

cleaned up so what do you guys think it

looks like fun huh it's actually not so

bad and if any of you have tips

something maybe I have missed or you got

another way of doing things go ahead

leave them in the comment section

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