How to Connect a Keyboard and Mouse to PS4

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today we'll be showing you how to

connect a keyboard and mouse to your ps4


hey guys it's Joel here with make tech

easier this is uncommon knowledge

but Sony's PlayStation 4 can be used

with a keyboard and mouse there is no

extra third-party hardware needed nor is

there any shift EOS manipulation

involved the ps4 supports a keyboard and

mouse straight out of the box the best

part is setting one up is super simple

if you've ever tried the laborious

method of inputting text on a DualShock

4 controller there's a good chance you

can already think of why a keyboard will

be beneficial a keyboard enables the

user to type messages to friends faster

and easier while the ps4 is first and

foremost a gaming console it excels as a

multimedia machine the use of a keyboard

and mouse makes things like navigating

the system's menus and browsing the web

much easier furthermore there are even

some games that support the use of a

keyboard and mouse

MMOs like Final Fantasy often have tons

of things happening on-screen in any

given time trying to manage the chaos

with a standard controller contesta

gamers patience and resolve swapping the

Dual Shock 4 for a keyboard and mouse

can make things much more enjoyable the

PlayStation 4 supports three types of

keyboards and mice wide USB wireless and

Bluetooth regardless of which you choose

connecting them to a ps4 is

straightforward and painless furthermore

the ps4 utilizes the standard Bluetooth

protocol virtually any keyboard and

mouse will work with the ps4 you don't

have to spend a small fortune on

peripherals that marker themselves as

made for the ps4 if you're using a wired

keyboard or a wireless keyboard with the

USB dongle plug the keyboard into one of

two USB ports on the front of the ps4

console these are the same USB ports

that are used to charge the DualShock 4

controllers after plugging the USB cable

or wireless USB dongle wait a moment and

the ps4 should recognize your keyboard

and mouse automatically

the ps4 will then ask which profile you

would like to associate the keyboard and

mouse with once you've made your

selection you'll be able to use the

keyboard or Mouse with your ps4 if

you're using a Bluetooth keyboard and

mouse navigate to the ps4 settings menu

from there head to devices Bluetooth

devices the ps4 will then automatically

search for nearby a Bluetooth

peripherals at this point make your

Bluetooth keyboard and mouse

discoverable by putting them into

pairing mode if you don't know how to do

this consult the instruction manual of

your Bluetooth device the ps4 should

then see your Bluetooth keyboard or

mouse and ask which profile is going to

be using the devices once you choose a

profile you'll be able to use the

Bluetooth keyboard with ps4 console if

you want to adjust the pointer speed of

your mouse or change the language of

your keyboard you can do so in the ps4

settings head to settings devices

external keyboard and or mouse here

you'll be able to tweak the behavior of

your connected devices

unfortunately the list of PlayStation 4

games that officially support a keyboard

and mouse is very short

that being said using a keyboard a mouse

with these titles can significantly

improve your game and note these titles

only support the use of a keyboard while

the list of games that officially

support the use of a mouse and keyboard

is limited there are ways to use a

keyboard and mouse with your favorite

game third-party products such as SIM

for adapter and the sim apex adapter

will allow you to use a mouse and

keyboard for virtually any game however

before you buy a word of caution the use

of a keyboard and mouse on games that

don't support them can result in your

account being banned this is because of

the use of a mouse and keyboard can be

an unfair advantage over players using a

controller you've been warned do you use

a keyboard and mouse with your

PlayStation 4 if so what are your

favorite games to play with it do you

use a third-party adapter like those

manufactured by sim let us know below in

the comments well that's it from me as

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