How To Attach The ACK Bungee Paddle Leash

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hi I'm Jarrett a ck today we're going to

go over how to attach the Austin

community I plunge a bungee paddle leash

to both your boat and your paddle to

secure your paddle to the boat so the

first thing you want to do is you're

going to take a look on the one the ends

of the bungee leash you're going to have

a big loop we're actually going to use

this as the connection point for the

leash to the boat you can pick any type

of loop surface on top of the kayak pad

I worked really well just take the loop

and pass it through the pad I like so

and then you're going to take the other

end pass it through the loop and pull it

tight so that way it cinches down on

itself next thing what you're going to

want to do is you're going to use the

velcro connection to attach the paddle

so under your velcro and loosen up the

loop actually take your paddle break it

in half

slide one half on and then you're

actually going to pull down and tighten

the strap and then secure the velcro to

attach the paddle each to the paddle

itself and then put your paddle back


so there is how you secure the ACK bungy

paddle leash to both your paddle into

your boat that way you don't lose your

paddle on your ventures over to ack comm

check them out