How to attach a photo to email on iPhone (2 ways)

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all right so how do you attach a photo

to an email well there's a couple

different ways on the iPhone probably

the way that you're most familiar with

is if you go to your photos if you tap a

photo down at the bottom left you've got

the share button and then it gives you

choices there's your choice to do mail

right there so you hit your middle it'll

attach that photo that's the way you

know I usually do but what if I'm in the

middle let's say I've composed the email

and I'm just typing away and I went oh I

need to attach a photo so how do you do

it then well what you're going to do

here a little bit different you're going

to hold press and hold in the body of

the email and you get the bar with the

different things up at the top cut copy

replace etcetera see the arrow all the

way the right tap that arrow keep

tapping until you see insert photo or

videos so now I'm going to tap that it's

going to take me to my photos I want to

tap the photo I want it choose and there

it is it's in your body of your email

now as an attachment so there you go two

different ways to send a photo on email

on your iPhone