How to insert a hyperlink in Word 2016

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we're in Microsoft Word 2016 I'm going

to show you how to insert a hyperlink

into your word document so let's go to

the insert tab in Word 2016 and let's

just go ahead and type some text we'll

say this is a link to my website alright

so you can go ahead and just paste in

the link just by copying the link and

pasting it in and when you hit Enter it

automatically pastes in it automatically

puts an underline underneath the words

and it makes it a link that you can

click on now let's say you don't want to

do it that way let's say you want to

make the word itself the link the word

website so all you'd have to do is

highlight the word website from here

click on hyperlink and then put in the

URL here which of course you copy from

your web browser then you click OK and

now the word itself is the hyperlink so

let's go ahead and save that and now

when we're ready to go back to this page

and click on it let's just go ahead and

click on read mode there we go you see

when you go in to read mode you see the

cursor turns it turns into a hand that

we can just click on and it opens up

that particular website so let's go

ahead and close that and change the view

back to edit now in edit mode you the

hand isn't there you just can't do it so

you can right click on it and choose

open hyperlink instead and you get the

same results so that is how to insert a

hyperlink in Microsoft Word 2016