Home Depot SunCast 175 ft. Hose Reel Mobile Cart Plastic Light easy (08-08-2020)

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i just picked this up at home depot

i am not an expert i am not a hose

expert water

water expert uh plumber expert i just

play one on youtube

i'm just kidding i'm just a regular guy

just showing off something that uh

i just got on at home depot and to show

you to see if you know

if you would like to purchase it that

way to pick it up and some info on it

i think they're on special right now

they're about 24

so there wasn't much at all i've wanted

these for a long

time i've been using that on the long on

the side of my home

but you know it's not very convenient

and not easy to use i like the fact that

this is more of a portable type of thing

so i'm going to be able to kind of move

it around and when i need to wind up

my hose i can do so

so let's uh

take a quick look at it this is the

handle this pulls out over here

this goes up that goes up

and then to close it you just i think

you pull this now you pull it up

and it goes down don't push hard because

it's plastic there's a break in a


it's not high in materials plastics made

to be light

um gotta cut that off

i guess this is where you run the main

line out of

here i don't know what this yellow tab

is for

maybe to remove it i have no idea

if you know what that yellow tab is for

let me know below i think it's to remove

it so i guess you pull on it it could be

removed i'm not sure

pretty light

and this is where you put the other

holes in

and uh let's

cut this

i'm not going to be using this part at


since i already have

that hose i'm going to connect it from

the main line

and just get an idea of how long this

hose is

stretch out the host that comes with it

four feet five inches and

it has two i think that's one female


both sides are female


let's hook up the hose






i love this hose and this hole is real

both of them are awesome this video clip

will be part of both of them

there'll be two separate videos but i

love the clip and the host

now because i made it 100 feet long it


the the water pressure so

it's because it got to go it's got a

longer way to go but it's fine it's

working just fine it's

the water that i need is great so i

really love it but i'm gonna come back

in a few days and let you know my

overall feelings about it

all right so let's roll everything back


this hose reel is awesome

awesome awesome it's a lot better i used

to have it hooked up today i used to

wrap it around

this is so much easier and better i

don't know if the hose which i just got

knew when i did a video on makes a big

difference i'm assuming it does

compared to that green hose but it's so

much easier to reel

everything out reel out the whole the uh

the hose and uh pull out the hose and

reel it back in it's so easy

this is a 100 foot hose

and i just pulled it out within seconds

it's great

i really like this real time special at

home depot

i think it's 25 and i think it's a great


let me show you how easy it is to reel

things back in

that's it all done this thing is amazing

i love it

a definite keeper a definite plus i

really like it

all right i hope the video helps i hope

you liked it

thank you bye home depot suncast 175

feet hose reel mobile cart plastic light


cost 24.88

purchased at the home depot durable rust

free resin construction plus leader hose

included low maintenance no

assembly required and handle folds for

storage wheels for mobility and winter


holds up to 175 feet hose product


the suncast corporation hose mobile hose

reel cart holds up to 175

feet of standard 5 8 inches

hose it comes with convenient hooks on

the handle to hold the end of your

leader hose or

garden hose built-in wheels allow you to

easily move around your garden

leader hose included garden hose sold


175 feet of 5 8

inches hose capacity comes fully


sturdy resin construction hose hooks

hold end of leader hose or garden hose

patented easy link system ensures a

watertight connection between hose reel

and hose specifications

dimensions hose capacity foot

product depth in

product height in product

width in details

color slash finish beige hose guide

no leader hose included yes

material resin

pack size one pack product type

portable returnable 60-day

wheels yes winding reel type

manual crank warranty certifications

manufacturer warranty guaranteed against

defects in materials or worksmanship


use and care all-purpose cleaners

such as 409 fantastic

or simple green are perfect for cleaning

our products

a soft bristle brush may also be used

power washers may be used but adjust the

power so it does not

flex the walls or tops of storage

buildings and shed sir