How to Tie a Swivel to Your Fishing Line for Beginners - Two Favorite Knots!

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what's going on YouTube friends Joshua

here with salty scales calm thanks for

joining me for another how-to Thursday

so today I'm going to be showing you how

to tie two simple fundamental knots to

connect your swivel to a mainline now

you may ask why do you connect or use a

swivel when you're fishing well there's

a few different reasons or applications

to use a swivel and the primary one is

to connect your mainline to your leader

so a smaller diameter line to a larger

diameter leader now that's one thing one

reason now the other reason is to help

prevent line twists when you use an

artificial in your Caston and your

gherkin lure a whole bunch ya tend to

get line twists because your lure spins

and this will help eradicate that issue

now I personally like to have as little

as tackle as possible I like a natural

presentation if you hurt you've heard me

say that before well I do use swivels

quite frequently especially when using

knocker rigs let's jump in and I'm going

to show you the two preferred knots than

I like to use though so here we have the

swivel and the leader material what you

want to do is go ahead and run the

monofilament through a little eyelet of

your swivel now what I like to do is go

ahead and take my middle finger wrap

five to eight times depending on the

diameter of the line if you have a

smaller diameter you can wrap more but

if you have anything over at 30 and

above I usually do five wraps so one two

three four five all right now go ahead

and remove your middle finger and then

what you want to do is take the tag end

of your line and put it through the loop

that you just made with your middle

finger now at this point you take this

tag in and you run it back through this

loop here so it goes around and through

this loop here so you should be right


after doing that you want to go ahead

and moisten or use saliva to make sure

that this cinches down perfectly as you

slowly start to pull it's not will cinch

down beautifully on the swivel or the

hook if you're tying it to a hook so the

next knot is called the Palomar knot all

you want to do is go ahead and double up

your line or your leader material and

make a little loop put it through the

eyelet of your swivel so it should just

be hanging here on a double line so to

speak then all you do is make a very

very simple overhand knot should look

just like that so with your swivel

hanging here now you just simply run the

swivel through this loop you just made

through this loop here so just take your

fingers now what you want to do is

slowly pull tight make sure you use

saliva and this whole knot is just gonna

pull pretty much straight down onto

itself see how that's slowly starting to

come together and the more saliva the

better off you'll be and it's just going

to tighten down on itself then pull each

line or each tag and bada-bing bada-boom

that now it's not going anywhere

here's your excess tag go ahead and trim


yeah there it is simple and sweet

I hope you guys enjoyed today's tutorial

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attach your swivel until next time I'll

see you on the water