How to attach a fishing hook to a steel leader.

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hello guys this is me Neil Ramos made by

u2 producer and today I'm going to teach

you how you can attach a fishing hook to

a steel leather just like this prevents

bite off you're gonna need this like a

kind of pincers and and besides that

that's all the tools that you will need

please pay attention I'm going to teach

you how you can take the piece off the

wire and to install it so I'm going to

show you you have the you have this part

where you can just disengage from the

the top wire just go from the top of the

wire and kind of like get get the the

warrior hata out of the place it's gonna

take a few tries because it's a little

bit hard okay there we go

focus okay I disengage the the wire and

all you have to do it's just grab the

the hook by the by the hole and install

it and go pass through the through the

wire so it's like this

go through the wire and as you can see

it went straight through the wire and

the hook has been attached but to

complete the installation you need to

grab the pincers and get the wire and

little and lock it and get it locked

back back in place so let's do that so

we just grab the the pincers from the

top here and go from the side to to

engage the lock it's going to take a few

tries but you'll get used to it okay and

so that's it that's how you attach steel

leather to a hook just like that just

just like I told you you need to

disengage the the the let the leather

wire with the with the pincers up from

the top and just go like straight

forward let me see if I can get it

get this disengaged again

focus please

okay there he has been disengaged again

the off position if you try to do this

by your finger it's not going to do much

good because you need a lot of strength

that's why I use some pincers to get the

the steel leather to the off position

you can see the little steel it goes

under that that's still a kind of

barrier then you grab the pincers in and

punch them in to gathering inside of it

again so let me just lock them in place

one more time

and then I have to get more practice

into this but it's a pretty

straightforward setup I mean it's not

really that hard I'm just a little

uncomfortable with the camera position

and and that's really really it I have

locked it into place again

okay now on here you have a the ball

part this is what you're going to do is

just you're going to attach your fishing

line and just tie a knot so it doesn't

like disengage from your fishing rod so

what this does is that when the fish

like kinda like bites if you have your

regular fishing line there's a chance

that if a toothy fish just kind of like

grabs it and you know like you like if

it's fighting with you and you're trying

to get it out it there's a chance that

that fish is going to cut off the your

fishing line because of the because of

the tooth but with this there's no line

there's just there's just steel leather

with the steel fishing hook so the fish

it's not going to slice it's not going

to slice it off so this is basically it

let me just put this aside and show you

how it's going to look like after you

have finished installing it it's going

to look like this you have the fishing

hook attached to the steel leather and

you have the your fishing line attached

to the to the ball on the end of the

line here and that's the that's my

fishing rod right there attached with

the steel leather so fish don't bite the

line off and add some extra strength

it's really really really useful so I

can just disengage the the long wire

which is this one

so anyway that's basically it

that should be your installation you

line on the top of the ball and the

freaking hook on the the install inside

of the of the wire so anyways I just

hope you guys understood this video I

tried to make it as as basic and quickly

as possible so this is how you attach a

steel letter to attach a hook to your

stainless steel letter your fishing line

so anyways just comment like subscribe

you guys are awesome thank you for your

support I'll see you guys next time