Tutu High Chair | First Birthday Idea for Girls

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hey guys welcome back to my channel I'm

Johan Kruger in this video I'm going to

show you how to secure a tutu and banner

around the high chair in easiest way I

read a lot of reviews online and they

are having problem on attaching or

securing the tutu around the high chair

I think it's very easy for me to do it

so my secret on the product that I like

to use is the 3m command hooks they

easily attach to any flat surface and

also easy to remove without damage this

is my babies highchair

I already attached several hooks around

the tray at the center and corners for

secureness you can attach additional

hooks as needed I am going to add one

more hook just to show you guys an

example as to how easy it is

so I have here a command strip and a

plastic hook the first side to peel off

is the side which attaches to the hook

it says command attach the command strip

to the base of the hook now peel off the

wall side and stick it to the tray with

your fingers put pressure against the

tab or this trip to help secure it next

I have here the tutu fabric skirt which

I will stretch out evenly and then place

the backing string from the skirt until

the hooks as you can see it is easy to

adjust the skirt I suggest stretching

out the fabric on the ends I made a knot

which was then secured by the last hook

on both ends


my final touch is to attach the banner

across the front of the tray spread out

the banner to even out the spacing and

utilize the same hooks as we used for

the tutu skirt and that's it guys it's

so easy




so I hope this video will help you on

your next decorating idea if you do

please give it a thumbs up and please

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my next video