HOW TO: Make your tail PULL PROOF + all my tails

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I'm a fur octopus.

Admire your Octopus. I'm your octopus.

*Intro music begins*

*Intro music continues

*Intro music continues*

*Intro music ends* Hey everyone! Do you wanna meet my depressed chicken

Hello depressed chicken. How're you doing?

She's called Rossi by the way

She's our depressed chicken basically *Chicken evacuates PD's hands*

Bye depressed chicken. I'm going to make a video about

those. fluffy. butts

I wanna make a video about tails again. I really

waving around my tails

everywhere. Woah, woah. Look at me!

I'm beautiful. I have way too many tails.

Like three in each hand and there's still one on the way, honestly.

There's still a silver fox tail on the way over here.

I'm attacked by tails guys.

Save, save the dolphin please!

What this video's really going to be about is,

of course, tails. I ain't lying to you guys.

But more importantly, this video is going to be about my new tails.

And even more importantly this video is going to be about

"How to make your tail, pull proof"

Because I recently encountered a not very funny

or very nice experience.

One day I was at school with my friends, Wolfo to be named, and

we were actually just having fun and talking

and sitting on the playground. We both are wearing our tails

but not on the butt. Um, because we just

wear our tails to school. Our school is

generally very accepting of it

Of course there's still some

people but over all it's really accepting. The school,

the teachers like the tails, directer likes the tails,

everyone likes the tails, besides some students ofcourse

But over all we can just wear our tails.

On our sides mostly. Suddenly

this guy walked by and he just

grabs our tail and PULLS on it, like, very strongly

We were both afraid the tail was ripped.

Or like broken, or lost fur.

or something, like that. You could really hurt it

Of course he walks by and starts laughing with his friends

Wolfo gets mad.

And in her right. She's like "Hey don't touch someone else's stuff

You can break it. Don't touch someone stuff

like it's not very nice" in generally

like, touching a tail

or touching someone's bag. Or something like that

So she got mad and he starts laughing even more

She walks to the principal, like the head of the school

to talk about what happened. About the bully.

Stuff like that because apparently he did more

unrelated stuff to other people.

And the moment she was like gone to the principal

And everyone at school starting barking and howling and it was just really

not funny

And all actions just started with a single tail

pull. If no one had ever pulled her tail

she wouldn't have gotten mad and the guy wouldn't have started laughing

even and our school wouldn't have

started laughing either.

Just a little pull

resulted in some getting scared the tail broke

which resulted in a giant fight

Now I want to prevent this. I'm going to make a video

on how you can make your tail

pull proof.

Another words how to get your tail to not be ripped

or fall apart, or broken, or anything like that.

Whenever someone were to pull it.

Um you don't like broken tails because it's very sad because they're our

little babies.

So I wanna teach you how you can make those babies

live even longer and longer and longer.

So you can have even more and more and more and more tails.

Oh no don't run away! *Points to sad chicken* Depressed chicken! I found

a very good solution is, with the help of Wolfo, Wolfo actually talked about with me, about this kind of thing you can do,

to get your tails resist to being pulled

and being broken by it. actually

use those strings you normally use for your hair

but you can also have similar things to key chains

and stuff like that and it's actually kind of like this

It's like a thing you can out in your hair and there's even

there's little ruff things, I don't know what you call them

But some bracelets used for your hair have them

And I have noticed that those who usually are for your hair

are pretty strong actually. More to that, to pull.

Like they can get pretty big. And they just go

small again afterwards. Get some of those, steal them from your mums,

steal them from your sister, go look for them in your closet

and you know what, if your a girl you usually have some of those around.

And use them for all your tails.

I hope I'm not losing any of them.

What you can do is take your tail. The beautiful blue one

you got a beautiful frost fox tail

Just use these. Put it around your tail

Once again. Look!

Did you see that? Take this

Put it through the loop of your tail.

Or through the key chain of your tail.

And you put one of those

In the other and you pull.

As you can see, this tail is actually quite heavy

Meaning it will already pull this thing down. Just


And it's much smaller now.

Look. Perfect but if someone pulls. Oh!

Nope! No pulling allowed!

Won't break my tail. Nope.

Very sure not. Try again.

Nope! And this thing you can just

Place on your pants and it doesn't fall out

Do this with every single tail you have. *Music plays*

And done!

Pull, pull. Nah, I don't think so If they go

If yours stretch far enough, you could put your tail

through it like this.

Then you're done.

Let's see. And if someone pulls. Oh! Nope!

Don't think so!

Your tail is still nicely on your butt.

In my case, on my side.

And if someone pulls it. Nope! I don't think so!

Try again.

Nah I don't think you could ever do it.

Another way to secure your tail to your belt is to be putting

a key chain on this once again. and putting a key chain

on your belt or to be putting this in a knot thing like

A few seconds, done. Put it around your belt loop

or something like that. There's other methods, probably.

We can try out to secure this little thing on your belt loop.

You might want to try it yourself.

This works for me, might not work for you. Or other way around.

Hello guys! I kind of found another way to kind of attach the

"Pull Proof" system to your pants.

So just watch me. Okay.

From start to finish. Get your belt loop over here.

You see my finger. Attach your

tail pull proof system

I don't know what to call those. Get your belt loop.

Just put it through.

Like you see.

You got two kind of holes over here.

Put those together.

Like this. Take your key chain.

And put your key chain through those two loops.


And it's attached. See. Pull, pull.

Nothing works. Pull. Nope. Pull. Nope.

So sorry for this quick reminder.

And your done! Your tail is basically nicely on

your side. Or on your butt. Whatever your preference. What you like and you're done!

Your officially proof to being pulled.

At least your tail is being proofed to being pulled.

I don't think the bully is. Please go make your other tails pull proof

It can really change a lot. Because if my friend

never had her tail pulled like that she would have

never been that sad or scared.

for her tail to have been broken.

Besides that. I also wanted to make a little update

around the tails I got right now. Because

I've been getting a lot of tails recently. Like, a lot of

new tails I haven't even shown to you all yet.


I've just been getting so many that i couldn't give every

one a video talking about every single one of them.

The last one you saw

was probably this one. We'll go over it once again on which ones I have and which ones are new.

This was the first tail I ever got. It's a blue fox tail.

The blue foxes are actually kind of the same as an arctic fox.

They just are a little bit of other shade of

just a bit more grey. It's a real fox tail. It's pretty tiny.

It has a little bit of fur damage

underneath here which is very sad. I don't know how it got it

and I don't know how to get rid of it.

The leather inside has also been rotting ever since I bought it.

I bought it at a little Christmas market, local, just by

local farmer.

Like, from someone who does it as a hobby rather than a real

job. So i don't really have a name or you can't find them online

anywhere. Stuff like that. I just bought it from them.

My second tail I got was this one.

This was actually kind of a mistake from Alley Express

they advertised it as fake with a clear, clear, clear

fake example.

So the picture was very, very clearly fake

and I know the difference between a real tail and a fake tail

and I really expected a fake fur tail and like I wanted to have.

But instead I got a white

real fox tail. I even wanted a grey

like this kind of colour, fake fur tail. But

I got a really white, real fur tail.

It's kind of a mistake. But I'm very happy, actually, the mistake happened

because I've been having connection with this tail a lot.

Like this tail is very important to me. I have phantom tail shifts,

through this tail. Like if I have a phantom tail, the phantom tail

gets literally in this tail, I feel this tail.

This tail is very, very precious to me. Then the next I've

ever gotten was this black one. It's just a normal

dyed, black fox tail

I got on Comicon,

Vex as well. Next tail I ever gotten was this one.

This one is the biggest tail I've ever owned.

It's 52cm long. It's gigantic It's very beautiful.

It has some white spots, I really adore.

It's a possible a poof frost fox tail.

It was bought on Vex at a local Comicon convention.

Just kind of a hobby kind of fur farmer.

Like someone else who's pretty small and not really

even a website or any place online to pay for them.

But the tails are really, really, really high quality.

This is the best tail I've got. It's really thick, it's really strong.

Beautiful colour, beautiful shape, very long.


gigantic long.

It's really, it's soft

but realistically soft.

It's beautiful, It's smell nice, it's nice, it's strong,

it's the best tail I've ever gotten and the shape is also

it's pretty amazing. I love this tail.

It's one of my favourite tails. Then the next tail I got

was actually the tail I wear all the time right now.

Like, all the frigging time. This tail is a pink

peach coloured tail I got through a friend of mine

through Wish.

It's areal fox tail it's dyed pinkish

it has some grey spots. It looks exactly,

I mean exactly like my theriotype

the pink river dolphin. Like the exact same shade of pink.

My camera makes it a little bit brighter than it is in reality.

So I'll put some

pictures on the screen. that might not look exactly alike.

But in reality they do, exactly. And I mean like

exactly, on the spot. The grey, the pink.

Perfectly, exactly the same shade of pink and grey.

All of this tail because it's a perfect mix

between a dog and a dolphin.

Swiss white shepherd dog and a pink river dolphin. It's the perfect mix.

It's like a dogolphin. Like really like a dogolphin

The last tail actually bought today

is this one. I guess it's

a frost fox tail because its really

white-ish. It's slightly dyed to be blue.

I can see from the tip and stuff like that and especially the back.

It's slightly dyed blue. But not much.

I didn't even notice it when I bought it in the store.

It's very soft, it's clearly a fur farm fox.

So yeah we got a frost fox tail, a blue frost fox tail,

peach pink dyed...

probably frost fox tail, dyed

black fox tail, dyed white fox tail,

blue fox tail, are really all the tails I got.

It's a lot

It's a wool world

Thank you for watching this video and I'll see you soon.

I hope this pull proof video is so much helpful for you all

despite the words I've really

Peeped up during this video. I hope it was

clear to you. I hope it was helpful to you.

I hope you keep your tails safe from being pulled.

Please keep your safety. It's very important to me

that you're safe and sound and happy.

I hope you take care, I hope you think about yourself.

I hope you also think about your tail.

You're being you and

that you're being happy to be you.

I want to say

just thank you, thank you for watching

I got way to many tails.

Woof! PD! Flying with my wings of fur

(custom captions made by _kaceclosed_ thank you!)