How to Hang a Heavy Mirror or Picture

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Need to hang a heavy mirror or picture? Use these helpful tips to hang it safely in the

perfect spot.

You’ll need to check a few things before you buy the hardware. First, know what type

of wall you have: drywall, plaster, or masonry. To see if you have drywall or plaster, push

a tack into the wall. If it goes in easily, it’s drywall.

A hanging mirror has to have a strong frame. If your new mirror already has hardware attached,

it’s safe to hang. If you’re not sure about an old mirror, you can reinforce the

frame with angle brackets.

Next, weigh the mirror--a bathroom scale works fine. Hardware weight limits are listed on

the package.

Pick a spot to hang the mirror. Locating it over a stud is helpful, but not necessary

with the right anchors. Always mark the center of the stud, and keep in mind utilities might

be attached to it if the stud is near a light switch, outlet, or faucet.

Hold the mirror in place—close to eye level. Mark the wall near the center of the top edge

with a pencil or painter’s tape.

On the back of the mirror you’ll probably see D-rings or a wire. You can hang rings

or wire from (two) hooks on the wall. To get the right space between, stick a long

piece of tape on a level, and mark the space between the D-rings. Set the level aside and

grab one of the mounting hooks. Lock it on the ring, measure from the hole to the top

of the mirror, and transfer this distance to the wall using the line as a guide. Now

center up your level on the wall and mark the holes.

If you’re in line with a stud, secure the hardware to it. If not, install a wall anchor

and attach the hardware. Now add bumpers to the bottom of the mirror to prevent scratching

the wall, and gently hang it on the hooks.

You can also use metal cleats to hang mirrors with sturdy frames, just follow the package

directions. Usually, you position the top cleat at the top of the frame, make shallow

holes, and attach with screws.

On the wall, level the bottom cleat, and secure with screws.

Then set the mirror in place.

Now your blank walls can have a bit more personality.

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