How To Install A Headboard Bracket - Contempoary II: Rize Adjustable Beds

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hello I'm Katrina Baker for your

adjustable based tutorial

we hope you've been sleeping well and

have enjoyed using your adjustable base

we've created the short video with

easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions

so you can set up and maintain your

adjustable base so please give us a

couple minutes of your time in this

video we will walk you through the steps

you need to follow to install the

headboard bracket to your adjustable

base when you open the headboard bracket

kit you will see it has two inner

headboard brackets two outer headboard

brackets four retainer bolts four

washers four nuts and allen wrench and

an instruction page before you install

the bracket you will want to use the

remote to raise the head deck of your

unit up to the highest position so you

will have room to work the first step is

to slide the inner head board bracket

horizontally on to the base with the see

opening facing down under the crossbar

you will position the bracket in the

guide peg on the bottom of the crossbar

now insert one or the retainer bolts

fitted with a 5/16 inch washer into and

through the pre-drilled hole in the

crossbar and into the pre-drilled

slotted hold and the c-channel inner

headboard bracket and tighten in place

next place the open side of the outer

headboard bracket on to the exposed

square tube to create a tight fit

between the inner and outer headboard

brackets insert another retainer bolt

fitted with the washer into the outer

headboard bracket and through the inner

headboard bracket at a washer and a nut

and hand-tighten the nut so it will be

loose enough for adjusting once the

headboard has been attached now you will

repeat these same steps to install the

inner and outer headboard brackets on

the other side of the base when the

headboard brackets are assembled make

sure there is a space of one and a half

to two inches between the edge of the

bed base and the headboard brackets you

may now install the headboard to your

adjustable base we're here to make sure

you're completely satisfied with your

adjustable base so thank you for your