How to Install a Headboard

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first find the headboard brackets will

be attaching to the top hole in the

bottom hole set up the headboard against

the headboard brackets roughly

positioning them where they'll be


make sure that the headboard is roughly

centered or exactly centered between the

two headboard brackets

line up one bracket take a pencil and

using the bracket as a stencil trace out

where the holes will go for this we're

doing the top and bottom hole you don't

have to do that you could do the two

bottom holes or any combination holes

you wanted do this for both sides you

can see the two stencyl holes that we

have next we need to select an

appropriate drill bit so for this I

chose a quarter inch drill bit because

that seemed about right you can see that

drilling the hole is pretty simple just

put the drill bit in the drill drill


first Apple

see right on through nothing too hard

about that now unfortunately I went to

put the bolts through and they wouldn't

quite thick so I decided to make the

balls a little bit larger so that's a

3/8 inch trailer it's probably good to

make the holes larger just so that the

bolts go in easily so we line up the

bracket again take our bolts and just

slide them right through you notice we

have a washer on the head of the bolt

against the metal just to make sure that

the bolt doesn't slip through that that

slot there and on the other side of the

headboard so this is the back of the

headboard away from the rack but we put

on the washer for each bolt and then we

spin on a nut for each bowl

you can see that then the bolts I

selected here these are just two random

bolts that I had they're much too long

for this for the headboard these are I

think two or two-and-a-half inch bolts

so you shouldn't need anything more than

probably an inch and a half bolt but

doesn't completely matter I guess and

the only tool I had with me was pair of

pliers that'll work so just snug down

the nuts

make sure you know reasonably tight you

don't have to refit on super hard

you know tighten right up

and that's about all there is to it

bolted right on there

that's the headboard hope you enjoy