How To Mount A Headboard On A Wall 4 Steps

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hey guys I'm Rob Robillard today we're

going to talk about mounting a headboard

to the wall for steps headboard stay the

fabric ones and the custom ones they're

tall and big and they're floppy they you

cannot sit against them watching TV or

lean up and sit in bed to read and it's

frustrating attaching the headboard to

the wall with hidden interlocking

fasteners creates a cool floating effect

and once the headboard is mounted the

bed simply slides and pushes up against

it the goal is when you push the bed in

place the to look like one complete unit

not only it looks great it's solid and

secure and you can sit up and lean back

at will there are several types of

hardware parts that you can purchase for

flush mounting a headboard on a wall

many hardware stores sell things called

interlocking flush mount brackets Zee

clips or for heavier objects you might

want to consider an interlocking pleat

often referred to as a French cleat can

make it out of plywood and span some

studs step number one is locating the

headboard on the wall first position the

headboard on top of the bed push it up

against the wall and for visual

reference use the bed and the headboard

to align everything it's a great visual

reference once you've got that in place

you want to put the bottom edge of the

headboard a few inches below the

mattress so you don't see any wall and

it presents as one piece you want to

mark the bottom edge of the headboard

and the left and right you can use a

four-foot level to transfer your lines

and you also want to locate your

centerline on the headboard location

step number two measure for interlocking

mounting hangers whatever you choose you

want to lay the headboard down back side

up on the bed push it back and locate

the centerline of the headboard now you

have two reference marks you can use as

well as the bottom line consider using

blue tape if the fabric is dark and you

can't see your pencil answer the next

step is to examine the headboard for

solid backing solid wood so that you can

attach a fastener to and every head

bowed is different so you're going to

use this to locate your hanger locations

step number three is mounting the

hangers you want to locate walleston

on the wall as well and if possible try

to figure out where you can mount on

your headboard and hit a wall stud this

may not work depending on where the

solid backing is and where the wall

studs are but if possible use wall studs

if not you might have to consider using

wall anchors or in some situations you

span plywood across several studs and

mount to that or a French cleat the

location of wall studs will influence

your decision as well as where you mount

your fasteners to so take some time to

try to lay it out correctly and try to

line that kind of line that stuff up for

larger really heavy head boards use a

third or fourth mounting fastener or

again a French cleat and that's to help

distribute and carry that weight and

keep it on that wall so you want to

measure and mark for the placement of

your hardware on the back of the

headboard and then transfer those marks

onto the wall because the mounting

fasteners interlock with each other they

should be installed at the same spacing

Heights on the wall as on the headboard

and use a tape measure to confirm that

they should be exactly the same because

they interlock the headboard fasteners

will be mounted facing down because they

slide down into the facing up wall

fasteners because they interlock tip

here use the headboards bottom line that

you made that reference line to help

make the measurements and transfer

measurements ensure you're in the

correct locations step number four is

installing the headboard you slide the

head you hold it against the wall and

slide it down on the wall onto the

mounts and into place if you need to

adjust raise or lower the headboard try

to make the adjustments on one or the

other into the wall or the headboard

once you're satisfied with the fit and

the finish slide it in place lock it in

place and push the bed up against a

headboard sit back and relax I'm Rob

Robillard we'll talk to you next time

take care bye bye