Assembling Upholstered Headboard & Attaching a Headboard to a Frame. Buy the Headboard too!

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hey guys Justin here with our sitcom

what I'm going to do today is I'm going

to show you how to assemble the Queen

upholstered headboard onto just a

straight normal steel frame

okay now that I have everything on the

box you can see that you're going to

have four bolts quite simple four bolts

four washers easy as can be

you're just going to run you have a leg

here you can obviously you're going to

have two bolts to attach the headboard

you grab a washer run that through

tighten that down it does come with a

tool to be able to tighten it up at the

very end I would say just hand tighten

it once you get it where it's just too

difficult to be able to hand side it

Technic then you'll use that tool

obviously try to get visas as straight

as you can imagine you know it's going

to be connecting right to that frame so

you don't want it to be off and then

we're going to do this side here guys

pretty simple just throw the washer on

and just type this down alright guys now

we're going to attach the head board to

the frame and it's going to come with

eight washers and an eight actually four

lock washers and eight washers and then

poured enough so I like to use the lock

washer and the other washer on the

backside here

and one thing that's important is I

would like to run the bolts through this

direction if you run your bolts through

towards the wall what you're going to do

is probably have more of that bolt

sticking out and you can have damage to

the back of your wall it would have been

more easily so

keep that in mind you're running the

bolt I'm going to be put back to the


it's also important do not tighten this

down before you get both sides

if you're going to wrench tighten this

down all the way up on one side what's

going to happen is you're going to get

to the other side and you're probably

going to need a little bit of play to be

able to adjust those bolts properly and

you're not going to have it because your

your wrench tighten it on the other side

now let's move everything over to this

side here and we're going to run this

through the hole with that last washer

on the backside and tighten this down

okay now I have a rich and you're going

to run your wrench that comes with it in

the back side and you're the tight neck

sucker off so we got this tighten down

one more to go

they're just like that you move it all

the way to the wall there it is alright

guys thanks for watching the video I

just wanted to show you a quick way of

how simple it is to put together a

headboard on a steel frame and you know

you can see when you stick your mattress

and box spring on here it looks pretty

nice so go to art please calm and you

can see how how inexpensive you can get

this set up for so thanks guys

have a great day