HOW TO INSTALL A ZINUS HEADBOARD | Zinus headboard installation |

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hey friends so today we're installing a

sinus Zi NUS head board and here is the

back of the head board it's out of the

bag here basically it has had four

screws two here and two on the other

side and we have these two bars that

attach it to the bed so these are gonna

go on there on those two screws right

there on either side so I had to unscrew

them and now I want to screw these

screws on there and we'll be right back

alright so it has the different holes

here for different heights I guess it

the mattresses I put them in the bottom

holes here and I'm gonna compare the

height the matches see if this is gonna

be acceptable

so what I'm gonna see if that fits if it

does then I'll screw in the screws into

the bottom here from the bed frame okay

alright so I'm lining up here he looks a

little tall that's on the ground too so

I'm gonna just adjust the screws in the

back go up to the next level here so

we'll do that okay so it took them off

legs or stems or attachments or whatever

and put them on the next hole over so

we'll see if height is we'll check that

I'm showing that alright that's about

perfect and there's a little bit of

adjustment we can do at the base here

this has a lot of leeway for this too

the screws to move up and down so we

attach it to here to the bed frame so

that is what we're gonna do this looks a

lot better where we want it we're gonna

go ahead and tighten those screws in the

back all the way and then we'll attach

it to the bed frame alright so these are

gonna go through here in the back side

of the

so you have the washer just on one end

and then you're gonna put the washer on

this side of it

it's a lock nut and then the wing nut

there and tighten it so we're and a

little bit of a problem here

so you see you have our bed anyways it's

- it's too long this squeeze are really


so it's poking in if I screw it all the

way in it's gonna be poking into the the

what's it called the mattress foundation

or whatever so I might have to just go

get some shorter screws in the garage

you don't mean I mean these things are

pretty long and you only need a little

bit to go through this little apartment

here so I'm gonna put the ones in the

bottom I'm gonna have to get a different

screw I think from here so it's not

gonna interfere with the mattress frame

here because this is just really long

you know I don't want to stick it out

either so let's go ahead and attach the

bottom on since we can do that that's no


all right so just a little bit shorter

screws in the garage there about half

the size so all right the final product

there it is my friends thanks for

watching have a great day take care bye

bye now