Tech Team's #00712 Extensions for Metal Bed Frames for Attaching Headboards and Footboards

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what typically happens is you have a bed

or a new bed frame and you're putting a

new bed in and you have a fitting at one

end to the frame that's designed to

attach a headboard footboard but there's

nothing at the other end and then you

find out that the frame is only 70

inches long but when you check your

mattress if it's a regular king or a

queen that's 80 inches long and you want

to be able to put a headboard or a

footboard on the other end what you need

is a set of headboard or footboard

extensions now one of the things you

have to keep in mind before we go too

much further is that people will tend to

think that all bed frames are standard

well nothing could be further from the


they're probably made in 200 different

factories in China someplace like that

and every factory does it a little bit

differently the holes are punched

differently the thickness of the

material is a little different so what

we try to do with the tech teen bed

frame extension set is have a bunch of

holes that may or may not line up

perfectly and we've made them oblong in

many cases so they'll fit a little bit

of variance and to get this thing to fit

just right you need at least two of the

screws to it to get it properly

supported so what that means is an all

probability you're gonna have to take

out the old power drill with a 1/4 inch

diameter high-speed drill bit and drill

a couple of holes so do yourself a

really big favor before you buy the

extension set measure your bed frame

carefully find out where the holes are

if they don't line up be prepared to use

the drill what we're going to do today

is show you how we're going to extend

the 70 inch bed frame out to 80 81

inches so we

that a standard-size king or queen

mattress in it it's relatively easy just

make sure you have the right tools on

hand and you know what you're getting

into if you look at our or material for

this you'll see dimensions Specht out on

product also in the tech team website

pay attention and match it up to your

bed frame because if you're not prepared

you may end up having something that's

not going to fit but keep in mind nobody

else is going to fit either so therefore

your best bet is to be prepared to drill

a couple holes detecting bed frame

extension set has a left hand member and

a right hand member they should fit on

the inside of the rail however many

times the bed frame factory will have

put a protective plastic cap over the

end the frame remove that otherwise

nothing's gonna line up properly and

it's depending on how your frame is set

up this cutout will fit around certain

rivets and fittings but in this

particular case to get out to the 80

inches we have to bring this right to

about here now we've already measured

this what we're doing here is we're

putting the one nut and bolt in the hole

here and we're doing that we're putting

in the head on the inside now this is

important because if you go through the

other way you're gonna have the end of

the screw sticking out into your

mattress and that may cause some

conflicts certainly we put this one in

here first and now we're gonna do is to

make this thing fit we're going to have

to drill another hole because we want at

least two screws to support this now

since our bracket has numerous holes on

it we're using one of the holes as a

guide so that when we start drilling we

get the hole in exactly the right spot

and the drill bit doesn't wander around

you'll also notice we put some cardboard

on the floor because we don't want the

filings to end up on

carpeting voila

holes done now we take our other screw

put it through put the washer on put the

nut on i'm only hand tightening these

both the wrench comes with the set you

use the little wrench and get these

things nice and snug because we have to

clean up the filings we'll do that in a


now we've extended the frame to a full

eighty and a half inches which is just

right for our mattress and also at the

end here we have a fitting with multiple

slots and holes so it can make a

headboard or footboard right up to it

and we'll have a perfect job