Putting an Edge Ridge Hat Band on a Pilbara: The John Wayne treatment

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today we're here to talk about

customizing your fur felt hat and one

way to do that is with an aftermarket

hat band we've chosen our edge Ridge

braided leather band as listed by

American cowboy magazine as being one

that closer resembles a half ad worn by

John Wayne first you need to locate the

stitching holding the existing band on

you can do this by wiggling the existing

band a little bit to see where it's

anchored once you've located the

stitches use a stitch puller or a sharp

knife to cut the stitches from behind

the band be careful not to cut the hat


remove the old band and with a pair of

tweezers you can remove the remaining

threads from the felt

you can now slip the new band on we're

using our edge Ridge braided leather

band cinch it up and make sure it's

sitting level on the Hat once you've got

the band on the Hat you'll want to

anchor it in some way

and I usually tell people it's easiest

just to glue it down you just peel it

back a little bit put a couple drops of

glue back there being careful not to get

it anywhere else but behind the band

itself and just do it in a couple places

around the base of the crown and that'll

keep your hat band from falling off when

you set your hat down we've also taken

this hat a step further by customizing

the shape in the crown we've taken the

Pilbara and create more of a pinched

telescope style we've also added some

curl to the sides of the brim but you

can take a look at these other shapes

and how to do them on our other videos

that we've posted on YouTube on our