How to Hang a Hammock Chair

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okay so tourist Park was off of the

beach having fun and while she's gone I

was thinking I'm painting this chair she

bought this chair off of Amazon this is


rope hammock chair I think it's what

they call and so what I'm gonna do is

I'm gonna start in her ceiling so it's

hanging from her the roof in her room

I'm thinking something well hey it's

something like this but I bolt in the

ceiling attached to the ceiling joist

making broke Parnas put it about the

right height and hopefully by the time

toy gets back from the beach we'll have

it done and she'll like the intro like

the chair let's get started cool about

24 inches off the wall so she has a

little bit of room to swing around I

just gotta find the joist I bolt I'm

going to use it's pretty big down where

I bolt I want to make sure I get it

directly in the center of the ceiling

joist so I'm gonna do is only use a

small drill bit and then we'll make sure

I'll get both edges about the ceiling

joist and then I'll I know the ceiling

joist is inch and a half wide so I can

measure two floors an inch from the edge

and drill the hole for that bowl to the

eyeball goes right to the joist and it's

just a small drill thick so just a

little bit of touchable be required



yeah all right so we know we hit here we

hit here

we missed here and we missed here so we

know the server choice is right in the

middle is pretty much as the mark the

same spot thought from my highly

scientific not but the actually the

knock sound usually worked pretty good

if this I thought was hard to put in you

have hard time screwed in you can put

some soap or some candle wax or I use

beeswax but most people have beeswax you

some kind of lubricant and it help you

uh die both in a little leverage with

the screwdriver definitely work help all

righty patch up the other holes with

some spackling that's pretty cool it

goes on pink I don't want to drag it

turns white I know toys kind of

particular so you got to make this look

good okay so now I'm gonna figure out

how long we're broke we need to have you

know what we've got this chair got this

chair here with this beautiful pink oh


so soft so satisfying

anyway we got this chair here that toy

has set to the a pipe that she likes

might as well set the move chair to be

the same height 18 inches off the ground

so we'll set the Rope entry to the

intended route we could like we could do

a bunch of stuff I could get lend me

some extra arms and hold it there and

measure and stuff but it actually some

math so math is actually an important

thing to learn guys so let's use some

that 77 inches

we've got 77 inches we'll take off 18

for the height above the floor so that

would be 59 inches all right

let's measure the bottom of the swing to

here 42 inches so 59 inches minus 42

inches would be my calculators on my

phone and my phone's what's important

right now




all right so we need a 17 inch roof we

just quickly look into the five Fulton

ceiling but for this one we can I see

goes directly on these stuff spacers so

that way Tory wants to she can take it

down to the ceiling the fist thing and

this particles will be attached so we

said we need 17 inches right take an

inch off or stretch it so we'll go 16

inches that's BD top of the loop right

oh sorry it particular so we got to keep

this the same right there so I'll put my

things black tape right there all right

we're off these ends here sit on the

rebel anymore kind of hot just funnel

back some more unravel it to our


just do this two more times


all right hopefully this works



they get hit I think I made it was it -

I think I made it a little bit you want

well we'll see what Tory thinks if she

wants to taller will make it taller but

there you go x height hang a we call

this thing that's how you hang a rope

chair well that's it we'll make a little

bit shorter my strenght I didn't know

it's gonna stretch that much but I do

wait a little bit more than Tory that

so we'll see what sticks and woody - we

can always make another one thanks for

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